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4 min readJul 20, 2022


Baller Wives enters an exclusive world where friendships are complicated, competition is thick, and rivalries are fierce. Set in Twitter, the series highlights a group of seven ambitious women calling the shots in business and philanthropy.

They are brought together through their romantic connection to some of sports’ most successful professionals including legendary players, coaches, and owners. When they’re not commanding the boardroom, these ladies enjoy their fair share of conflict and drama that threatens the integrity of their relationships. Watch as they show what it truly takes to be a Baller Wife.

And without further ado, here are the Baller Wives…

Calista Banks

Calista Banks is a Management & Sports Marketing Consultant as well as glamorous Twitter socialite and WAG, married to legendary NBA player Jamal Banks, whom she shares four kids with. As a Management & Sports Marketing Consultant, Calista is a boss on and off the court with her fearless demeanor and her no nonsense attitude. This season, her glamorous persona may come crumbling down in her personal life as she explores other relations with Terrell Robinson, part-owner of The Twitter Celtx (NBA Team).

Joi Renee Prescott

Introducing Joi Renee Prescott, the young, spunky, and fun real estate broker, and beauty boss. She is engaged to Lorenzo Prescott, who was recently traded to the Twitter Blue Phoenixes in the NFL after some years with the New England Patriots. In addition to running Opulence Realty Group, Joi owns a vegan hair extension line that’s doing well. Joi ruffles a lot of feathers because of her stoic personality and life motto: Get to know the real me, or none of me at all.

Cassie Carlisle

Cassie Carlisle is the Founder and CEO of The Carlisle Company, which sells beauty and lifestyle products for women who want to stay sober. A former cocaine addict herself, Cassie has turned her life experiences into a powerful message that has taken her all across the country. She never forgets to thank her supportive husband, Thomas Weiss, who is an owner of the Chicago Bulls.

Charlotte Robinson

Charlotte Robinson is the wife of NBA legend Doug Robinson, who is currently the Head Coach for the Lakers and Senior Director of Player Programs for the NBA. Charlotte is also a serial entrepreneur with business ventures ranging from home goods to fashion in addition to hosting her weekly podcast. She describes herself as rich and determined, which may rub others the wrong way.

Blair Hamilton

Blair Hamilton is the accomplished wife of Rex Hamilton, a former professional footballer turned luxury car dealer. When she’s not taking care of their three children, Blair runs a management training business for senior and executive-level women in the construction and engineering fields.

Brittany Slay

Juniper Reese Bailey, most affectionately and widely known by her stage name Brittany Slay, is a retired NFL & NBA cheerleader who found fame as an actress, choreographer, and dancer for recording artists like Kid Rock and Sean Kingston. After a public breakup with Kid Rock in the early 2010s, she cut her losses and rebranded herself as a pristine socialite and owner of Twitter’s largest financial advising firm. She is married to actor, writer, producer, and director J. Wyatt Kroenke who is growing his family’s sports empire as the newest minority owner of the Twitter Puffins, a WNBA team.

Serenity Wilson

Last but not least, we have Serenity Wilson. Serenity is recently divorced from her husband of over 10 years, who amassed a large fortune in the tourism and sports industries. Serenity is a stay-at-home mother and currently dating professional sports coach O.T. Palmer.

Baller Wives will be on your screens August 4th at 8/7C only on the Andy Network! Stay tuned for more sneak peaks and surprises over the next few weeks! And make sure to follow the cast on Twitter for more behind the scenes content!



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