[S1 E22]: The Dakota Williams Show with Patrick Jean Fireson

Voiceover: Live from Twitter, It’s the Dakota Williams Show.

Music plays as the intro is shown

Voiceover: Now heeeeeere’s Dakota!

We see the doors open and Dakota walks out onto the studio stage and starts to dance around as the audience claps

Dakota: Thank you for watching our show. Say hello to my studio audience. How you doin’

The audience responds: How you doin’

Dakota: I’m okay, let’s get started, it’s time for hot topics.

Fun music plays as Dakota walks over to her chair and the audience claps

Dakota: So apparently Married to Medicine contracts have already been given out to some people on the cast. Married to Medicine has confirmed the, uh, rumors as well.

Dakota: Pat I guess is returning based on that tweet, and I’m not surprised she’s a center point to this show. I want Jocelyn and Frankie back for sure. I’d like to see the others at the reunion and then I’ll see who I’d like to return from the group. But I think Courtney’s going to need to makeup with a lot of people if she wants to come back.

Audience claps

Dakota: On the latest episode of Ladies of Twitter we got to meet friend of the Ladies Amal, I liked her! I want to see more of her and see what she’s all about. But she’s very shady, hopefully not too much.

Audience claps

Dakota: *sips drink* There was a huge blowup at the mental health event. Kathy, Rose and Elle all think that Grace is behind the whole story of Luciana murdering her husband. I find it hard to believe that Grace would do this to her friend, but at the same time what she did to Elle with the rumor was very similar…And at the same time, Elle said she called the journalist of the article and they said that Grace did plant it. That’s interesting as well.

Dakota: Now Kathy and Elle, I’ve got to check you two on this one. At Grace’s event, uh, and she was talking about her missing sister. Elle made a comment saying that if she was her sister she’d go missing as well, and Kathy chimed in as well. I get fun shade but I found that to be incredibly cruel.

Audience agrees and claps

Dakota: In the last episode of housewives of Kensington we learned more about Darcy’s late husband’s money situation with Emil. Darcy told Arabella that, uh, she did not know what her husband was doing with his money. See I feel like you have to know something, right. Your married to this man and you don’t know what his business is and what he’s working on. Right?

Dakota: In the episode, Emil gave her side of the story which was that he invested millions in to her new business venture and then he pulled out at the last minute and left her with a lot of debt. Now she wants Darcy to pay it all back. Don’t you have to sign contracts before you go into business together so this type of stuff doesn’t happen. I don’t know for sure but I think that’s what happens. *shrugs*

Audience claps

Dakota: But I do have a question, so Darcy was brought into the show by Siobhan and obviously Emil is, uh, friends with Siobhan. Did Siobhan know about Darcy and Emil’s drama?

Audience oohs

Dakota: Just a question, just a question. Not accusing anybody but I’m wondering…Anyway, also in the episode Evie’s husband Logan told her that he’ll be moving back to Los Angeles where they are from. And they just moved to Kensington and now he wants to move them back. I think it’s totally ridiculous and I’m glad Evie stood her ground and told him NO.

Dakota: In Beverly Beach, the girls just went on a cast trip recently. We see in this tweet that Lauren’s back along with Elyse and Lorelei. I’m interested to, uh, see that dynamic between them. Is the feud still going with the two or have they mended fences. They’d have to do a lot of apologizing for that to happen

Audience applauds

Dakota: Also, Ren is on the trip as well as rumored new cast member Sheridan Campbell who’s in that picture with Ren. What do we know about Sheridan so far, Norman?

Norman: Nothing *laughs* we know that she’s close with Ren and her family and that’s about it.

Dakota: Mhm, mhm, so we’ll have to wait and see more of her. So the cast so far is Lauren, Ren, Elyse, Lorelei, Sheridan, my guess is another newbie, and possibly a friend? That’s my prediction.

Audience claps

Dakota: When we come back, we’re talking about Ladies of Twitter with Patrick. Don’t miss it.

Dakota: My guest for today’s show is a veteran of Ladies of Twitter, please give a hand for Patrick Jean Fireson

Patrick: *waves at audience and hugs Dakota* Hello Darling!

Dakota: Hey Patrick, how are ya doing since we last saw you on our screens?

Patrick: I am doing amazing! I’m currently shacked up with my new man, Eddie! We are doing a bit of traveling and enjoying some time outside of Twitter! But.. Twitter will always be home

Dakota: So, what are your thoughts on Season 13 of Ladies of Twitter? Have you been watching?

Patrick: Well... I haven’t watched all the episodes because life has just been crazy busy but I know a couple of the girls on the cast and we speak daily, so I have an idea what’s happening. I think that the show is lacking cast connections. When you revamp your cast and are basically starting fresh, 13 seasons in, you need to have some connections. I don’t know if any of the ladies really knew each other besides that old one knowing Luci, and they barely know each other.

Dakota: Okaya, interesting take on it…what do you think of each of the ladies so far?

Patrick: Kathy, Elle, and Rose carry the show. Luci doesn’t want to be there, she seems over it. Grace is irrelevant. Amal was brought on cause Grace needed a friend…

Dakota: I do really like Kathy and Elle, I hope they stay for another season. You have gotten into some Twitter feuds with Grace before I believe, what’s up with that?

Patrick: She doesn’t like that I am close with the other cast members. I also think she doesn’t think that what literally everyone is saying about her isn’t true. It’s hard to hear about what’s happening from the other girls. Grace and Amal will take this show to its grave. *looks at the audience* Come on people isn't she a snooze?! *laughs*

Dakota: Wow, bold statement. What was your first impression of friend of the ladies, Amal from the last episode?

Patrick: She’s there to make sure Grace gets another season. They are trying to Ice out Elle so Amal can step in. I wish production over there would just get their shit together.

Dakota: So you blame production for the season as well as the ladies is what I’m hearing?

Patrick: Yes. I mean we shot the first episode of Season 13 before things went off the rails.

Dakota: I was going to ask you about that, I’d heard you filmed the first episode, what ended up happening?

Patrick: Aspen, Luci, Charlotte, and I were signed up for Season 13. Production added Elle and Grace to the mix. I was not against new people, I was actually very happy to have new blood. My only issue was the first night of filming we were at this bar and I felt like Production was trying to push Grace and Elle on us instead of us working to make a real connection with them. Aspen, Luci, Charlotte, and I had drama from Season 12 we needed to work out. It would have been a fantastic season but unfortunately, after I went to production and was told too bad we quit, except for Luci, they must have made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Dakota: Oh wow, I didn’t know any of that. What have you thought of Ladies of Twitter Cocktail Hour with Tyler? I personally love it.

Patrick: I love Tyler. I wish Tyler and I had a better connection and that she would listen more but.. she has to do what she has to do. The Show is great! LoT needed a strong aftershow and Tyler is a great host! I also love Elle’s Podcast!!

Dakota: Oh Elle’s podcast is great as well. Everyone go check that out *looks at audience* What’s your opinion on the Luciana murder scandal? Do you think Rose should have brought that up?

Patrick: I hate the murder storyline. I think it’s dumb. I don’t think it fits with the franchise. Luci loved Mr. Meatball. I hate that it’s even like discussed. Surely they have more interesting things happening in their lives

Dakota: I think it’s interesting, but I don’t think anyone would actually believe Luci would kill her husband. Recently, we’ve seen a couple of tweets that you’ve been possibly filming something. What can you tell us?

Patrick: Absolutely Nothing! *laughs* I have a couple projects coming up but everything is very hush hush right now. All I’ll say is I love all the shows that are on right now M2M: Twitter, RHOK, and Beverly Beach! I watch them all!

Dakota: *laughs* Alright, I ask everyone this, would you ever return to Ladies of Twitter in any capacity?

Patrick: Production would never allow me back but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. Grace would literally shit herself If I walked into a scene. But honestly, I think my LoT ship has sailed, I think I’m going to do something with some of the other former Ladies of Twitter… So keep some eyes out!

Dakota: Well, thank you Patrick for coming on our show.

Patrick: Thank you so much for having me!!

Dakota: Thank you all for tuning in, we’ll see ya tomorrow to talk all about Married to Medicine.

Camera fades from the studio as the audience cheers

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