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Previously on Heirs: In Paris for fashion week, Remy, Kirstin, and Barbie head to the club where Remy tells Kirstin what Hillary was saying about her behind her back at the Atlantis Royal Opening. Alessandra gives her opinions on the other girls, and struggles to understand why they don’t like her. Remy meets with her Aunt who scolds her about not running Vogue Arabia correctly. At the Vogue Party for fashion week, Remy runs into an old friend who’s a modeling agent. Remy introduces him to Hillary who has been thinking about modeling again, but he prefers Kirstin instead. At the after-party, Remy breaks the tension and Hillary and Kirstin go at it.

The episode opens with a shot of the sun rising over the city of Paris. The cameras arrive at a hotel suite where staff is setting up breakfast outside on the terrace for three.

Remy walks out onto the balcony and sips a mimosa, looking at the view

Remy: Paris is just so beautiful!

The cameras turn to the front of the hotel where Barbie’s chauffeur is seen opening the door to her Rolls Royce, letting Barbie and Hillary walk out.

Barbie & Hillary

Barbie Confessional: One of my favorite things about being friends with Remy Wintour is that her last name gets you EVERYWHERE in Paris. Breakfast overlooking the fucking Eiffel Tower? Uhhhmmm I think so!!

They walk through the hotel and up to Remy’s suite. Remy meets them at the door.

Remy: Barbie, Hillary! Good morning, gorgeous girls *hugs and cheek kisses them both*

Barbie: This room though? Fucking stunning!

Hillary: Good morning Queen it is very early.

Hillary Confessional: I much prefer breakfast in bed; what a chore it was to awaken from my slumber.

Remy ushers them out to the balcony and they all sit down, beginning to eat and drink.

Barbie: Bitches last night was SOMETHING.

Hillary: *smiles* I had a lovely time, Remy, truly. Magnificent!

Remy: It was something! I was like…so confused. Why were you two arguing? *looks at Hillary and laughs* I’m glad you had a great time though.

Remy Confessional: Last night was kind of crazy to me! Two of my girlfriends fighting and I had no clue as to why *twirls hair* can’t we all just be hot bitches and get along?

Barbie: Remy you know why they were arguing. *laughs and sips coffee*

Remy: No, babe…I don’t? What do you mean? *eats a bite of a chocolate croissant*

Flashback to Remy telling Kirstin everything Hillary said about her

Remy: Well… she basically said you were like a gold digger or something? She said that you were like a “whore” and a “hussy”.

Flashback to Remy instigating the fight at the after-party

Remy: What is going on? It feels like there’s tension. I thought everyone was getting along… right? Right… *looks at Kirstin*

Barbie: You know Rems. *picks up spoon* About how Hillary said Kikis was digging with one of these.

Barbie Confessional: Remy does this thing, she says a bunch of stuff then forgets it later, but if you remind her she’s typically smart enough to remember it.. sometimes.

Remy: I’m so lost, girl! I wouldn’t say anything negative about Hillary, she’s my friend *laughs* Unless I like forgot? What did I say? Like… what did I say exactly?

Barbie: *looks dumbfounded* Girl…I don’t even remember *laughs*

Hillary: *squints eyes towards Remy* I’m truly just lost with this conversation. Remy are you having a go at me behind my back?

Remy: *gasps and shakes head* Oh my gosh, Hil! No! Girl! Absolutely not! I wouldn’t ever talk about you behind your back

Hillary: *smiles* Barbie, dear, what exactly was said?

Barbie: Now that I.. *giggles* I don’t remember Hils! *sips her coffee and stares at the butler until he puts butter on her bread*

Barbie Confessional:

Producer: Do you remember what Remy told you Hillary said?

Barbie: That she was a gold digging whore hussy.. but if she forgot so did I. *sips and winks at the camera*

Hillary: I would hope my Remy wasn’t being a gossip behind my back. No need for it; I told Kirstin all the things I know about her last night.

Barbie: Absolutely not! She’d never, I’m mis-remembering!

Remy: You know I’d never do that to you, girl! *grabs her hand* I love you gorgeous

Hillary: It’s no worries at all baby. Like I said, I told Kirstin I knew about her rendezvous with married men last night — no gossip just factual statements and I had no issues telling her what I’ve heard and in some cases seen — to her face.

Remy: *nods* I’m glad we all can see this was just such a misunderstanding!

Barbie: Absolutely!

Remy Confessional: I don’t really remember saying anything about Hillary. I think… like… *pauses and twirls hair* I was talking to Kirstin and Barbie and then I… *pauses and gasps* Oh! I told Kirsten that Hillary said she was a hussy and a whore! Oops… I think I let that one slip out. I’m not telling Hillary though. She’s scary. *frowns*

Barbie: Hillary are you going to keep bringing that Alessandra girl around us? *eats some fruit* She’s not exactly.. of our caliber.

Remy: She’s so…vanilla. She has nothing interesting about her

Hillary: Oh stop it. Alessandra is a nice woman and we really should be showing her more respect. You know how hard it is for women in Dubai…she’s a doctor for God’s sake. Put some respect on her name and you all loosen up with her and get to know her!

Barbie: Exactly Hilary.. she’s a doctor. She treats people like us. *sips coffee and rolls eyes*

Remy: *twirls hair* I don’t… I don’t like her. She’s boring to me! We’re all fun and hot and pretty and look at her. She wore a toga last night. Who wears a toga to a social gathering? Like that was SO RUDE.

Hillary: Oh for Christ’s sake. *laughs* Y’all treat your hair stylists better than her. Her dress was a vintage piece from the house of Gucci

Remy: I’m sure…. *giggles* Gucci probably thinks that was a mistake gorgeous

Barbie: I’m just saying Hils.. I love you, but how does your husband and his family approve of you hanging out with her? Something important to consider. *sips coffee*

Hillary: My husband is quite pleased I am hanging out with an educated woman. *smiles*

Barbie: I don’t think that’s true but I’ll eat my toast and shut up.

Hillary Confessional: I’m not sure why the ladies are rejecting Alessandra. I know she speaks as if she is from the poorest Burrough of London but I believe her when she says she’s a doctor. I do. *smiles*

Remy: She is smart! I’ll give her that! But… pretty gets you in more doors! Screw her! *laughs and takes a sip of mimosa* Whatever I’ll be nice I guess, maybe

Barbie: I’ll be nice to her, I just don’t love the girl, but if being nice to her means I see my Hils *air kisses and hugs Hillary* I’ll do it.

Barbie Confessional: Of course I’ve heard things. I wouldn’t have said something like that had I not. People in Dubai TALK, and the talk is Hillary’s hanging out with a low life’s daughter. That’s never a good image. *smiles*

The cameras pan out of the balcony and the city of Paris and the scene transitions back to Dubai. Exterior shots of Hillary’s home are shown as Hillary sits in her office.


Hillary is seen answering a question on a zoom call in her class as her confessional plays…

Hillary Confessional: Working on my MBA, I am near the end of the coursework and I have been acing this program. I mean come on, I am a smart woman. What do you expect from me? *laughs*

Benjamin walks into the office as the class wraps and Hillary hops off the zoom call

Benjamin: Hillary what have you been doing in here all day?

Hillary: I’ve been trying to complete my coursework for this MBA. Remember I told you that I was going back to school?

Benjamin: Complete? You just started? Most MBA programs last for two years.

Hillary: Well, I haven’t been exactly honest with you.

Benjamin: Excuse me?

Hillary Confessional: I enrolled in the Masters of Business Administration program last fall and kept it from my husband because I knew he would not be a big supporter. When I told him I was meeting with my academic advisor, I was actually seeing what I needed to do to accelerate the program as I am ready to get to work!

Hillary: Babe, *stands up and walks over rubbing his shoulder* I’ll be graduating from the program in the next few months.

Benjamin: That can’t be possible Hillary — unless —

Hillary: I’m sorry my love, I didn’t tell you that I actually started the program last fall…

Benjamin: So you’ve been lying to me? What’s next, are you going to try and convince your father that you deserve my position?

Hillary: No baby, we can both be in the company together.

Benjamin: *pushes her off him* NO! I won’t stand for the lies and your sneaky ways. I will be talking to your father and you will not cause chaos in our business.

Hillary: Chaos? Our business. It’s my right! I’m the HEIR.

Benjamin: You’re a woman. You do not belong in our business. You give me babies and you keep me happy in our home. I’m the man here!

Hillary: This is 2023 Benjamin! I am not just some matronly woman who belongs in the house. I have a brain and I will use it and I will use it in my father's company no matter what you say.

Hillary Confessional: Benjamin is all talk. He has a flair for the dramatics and I am stern and stuck in my ways. I will win this and he will be happy with my success

Benjamin: We will see, Hillary.

An awkward silence is broken up as their oldest child comes into the room

Beau: Mommy and Daddy, I’m hungry let’s eat

Benjamin: *smiles* I’ll go and prepare dinner since your mother is too busy.

Benjamin walks out of the office with Beau as Hillary is left rolling her eyes. The scene switches to a race track where sounds of cars speeding down the track are heard. We see all of the fans in the stands watching as the cars fly by

Hillary and her husband Benjamin are seen walking into the autodrome and up to a private suite

Hillary & Benjamin

Hillary Confessional: Oh baby I love a day at the race track! I dressed for the occasion in my checkered flag inspired Mugler custom outfit. *winks*

Benjamin: Hillary babe are you going to get me a beer?

Hillary: Get your own damn beer, Benji!

Moments later, Alessandra and her husband Landon enter the suite overlooking the track

Alessandra & Landon

Alessandra: Hi Hillary and Benjamin *hugs them*

Hillary: Lovely to see you diva — and we are matching! *squeals* Snapchat love! *snaps*

Alessandra: Yes, you know great minds think alike!

Hillary: This is such a lovely suite. Built for the Queens and the Queens men *laughs and cheers with Alessandra*

Alessandra: *smiles* I am loving this view! I’m not a big fan of racing though. But Landon loves it.

Hillary: Oh I love the race track! My dad is an investor for Chad McIntyre so I have to root for 6!

Alessandra: Okay, well I’m gonna root for 6 too *laughs*

Hillary Confessional: My father has done business at the Dubai Autodrome since I was a little girl. Some of my fondest memories were at the track.

A few suites down Barbie, Kirstin, Remy are seen arriving at their own personal suite, escorted by security and the General Manager of the Dubai Autodrome

Barbie, Kirstin, Remy

Kirstin Confessional: I love the autodrome and I love fast cars I actually have quite the collection myself. And I’m so glad to be here with my girls Barbie and Remy.

Barbie: This is such a gorgeous suite Kikies!

Kirstin: Thanks!

Remy smiles

Remy Confessional: I’ve never been to a race before. Like…what do they do? Just race? Meh…seems boring. I’m just here because I didn’t have anything else to do *twirls hair and shrugs*

Kirstin: How are you girls doing since coming back from Paris?

Barbie: So many galas to plan outfits for I feel like I’m drowning! And Travis still wants that baby so, same old! *laughs*

Remy: I’m like so jet lagged, Kirstin! I’ve taken like 2 Ambien’s *giggles*

Kirstin laughs and the scene turns back to Hillary and Alessandra’s suite

Hillary: Alessandra babe, I wanted to tell you I chatted with Remy and Barbie and asked them to be nicer to you.

Alessandra: Did you? Thank you for being such a great friend, I hope they listen. If they don’t then I’ll just be a bitch to them as well.

Hillary: *laughs* I hope they do. I don’t understand their issue with you. It’s just classic mean girl behavior.

Alessandra: That’s all it is. I don’t know if they are threatened by my presence. I just don’t know girl. *shrugs*

Hillary: Perhaps so; after all you are one of the only women doctors in Dubai. They are envious of the success you have achieved and the respect you get in your role.

Alessandra: I think that’s what it is. I worked to get to where I am now. Yes, I was born into my money, but I wanted to make my own. To say “I DID THAT”. They’ll never understand

Over the loudspeakers the announcer starts counting down and the official race begins. The screen splits between the two suits as the ladies cheer

Hillary: *screams for #6* LETS GO BABY!

Barbie: Gooo racers! *waves a checkered flag*

Alessandra: LETS GOO

Landon: Baby do you know what you cheering for?

Alessandra: Sweetheart, I have no idea *laughs* I’m just having fun.

Remy: Wait… what are we rooting for? Who should I choose? *points at a pretty car* Yay! Go number 3

The cameras follow the cars until the race ends and car #3 ends up winning. Hillary is seen upset in their suite

Benjamin: Hillary gets all pissy when the guy she bets on looses which is always.

Hillary: Oh hush it Benji!

Alessandra and Landon laugh as the scene cuts to the other suite

Kirstin: Honestly I'm still a little uneasy about what went down with Hillary. I felt attacked. *sips*

Barbie: She was so vicious Kikies! I had breakfast with her the next day and she came after me and Remy with the audacity to say we haven’t been nice to Alexandra! Uhmm excuse me I never said a thing to the bitch!

Kirstin: Who is Alexandra?

Barbie Confessional:

Producer: It’s Alessandra.

Barbie: Girl…whatever. Anyways I’ve been nice to her.

Remy: It’s Alessandra, Barbs! Not that her name is important or anything *giggles*

Barbie: Right…just that girl Hillary keeps bringing around!

The cameras turn to each of the groups being escorted by the general managers down to the track to view the cars and meet some of the racers. Hillary waves toward Kirstin, Remy, and Barbie as the groups connect

Hillary: Lovies!

Remy: Hil! *blows a kiss* Hey gorgeous

Barbie: Oh hi Hillary, and husband, and her friend and her friends husband!

Alessandra: Hello ladies!

Kirstin: *hugs Alessandra* Hi Alexia you look lovely.

Alessandra: *fake smiles* It’s Alessandra. But you knew that though.

Hillary: *smiles* Everyone, this is my love, my rock, my husband, my faithful king *looks towards Kirstin* Benjamin!

Barbie shakes Alessandra and her husband’s hands as if she hasn’t met them before

Barbie: So nice to meet you! Love the top

Alessandra: Thanks girl. Nice baggy jeans to hip those hips *smiles*

Barbie smiles rudely as Remy goes off and glances at the hot guys on the track. She takes off her sunglasses and one of the racers winks at her.

Remy Confessional: Racing seemed so…boring, until I saw what it had to offer. My legs were almost wide open *giggles* Oops!

Off to the side, Kirstin is seen approaching Hillary’s husband, Benjamin

Kirstin: Hey! *to Benjamin* I’m Kirstin.

Benjamin: *smiles* Hill tells me about each of you.

Kirstin: Oh I’m sure she’s shared it all. *smirks and sips champagne*

Hillary: Yes — I tell my Benji all about you ladies — successes, failures, and of course the embarrassments

Kirstin: So he’s well aware of what happened the last night in Paris then? *side eyes*

Hillary: Yes, Kirstin, he knows all about our confrontation due to your preference for sleeping with married men. My Benji is not a fan of that practice. We were married in front of Queen Elizabeth in England — our vows are sacred.

Benjamin looks at Hillary and Kirstin bursts out laughing; the other girls start to notice the tension

Kirstin Confessional: This bitch is delusional

Kirstin: Oh no you know what I’m talking about Hillary. But like you said I’m sure Benji knows all about it. *winks and away*

Hillary: Whatever that means.

Hillary Confessional: I see Kirstin is one of those women who just make something up on the fly to try and win. The thing about Hillary Beasley; I speak in fact. A factual woman will never lose a war of words.

As Kirstin walks away, Barbie and Remy follow her out

Kirstin: She’s crazy right it’s not just me.

Barbie and Remy look at each other and the scene switches over to shots of Alessandra’s home. She is seen sitting in her master bedroom with her computer on her lap, and papers all over the bed


Alessandra: Ugh, I just want this to be over soon.

Alessandra Confessional: I’ve been cramming for these last exams for the past two weeks. It’s been constant non-stop. I have to pass this time. If I don’t I will have to wait another 90 days to take the test again. I don’t have another 90 anything. My parents will be stepping down in a few years as and I have to make sure I fulfill their requirements to be next in line, that means have the experience as head of the Dubai division

While she’s studying, her phone lights up and it’s her father face timing her; she picks up


Jose (Alessandra’s father): Hey Alessandra, what are you up to?

Alessandra: Studying for my exams. I’m really stressed out. I wanna pull my hair out.

Jose: It can’t be that bad baby. I think you are overreacting.

Alessandra Confessional: My dad is so hard on me about passing these exams. When I first came to him about failing I saw how disappointed he was in me. I just couldn’t take that again for the third time.

Alessandra: Of course, you would say that. You haven’t taken the test in over thirty years.

Jose: No I haven’t, but even then it wasn’t so hard. You know I was in my books daily. I didn’t have a social life.

Alessandra rolls her eyes

Jose: Listen, Alessandra in order to be the very best. You have to make sacrifices to leave some things alone. You are always out partying and traveling.

Alessandra Confessional: All my life I have seen how my parents work so hard to build these facilities all around the world. When they first started to build the Hospital, there were so many people who didn’t believe in them because they were a minority couple.

Alessandra: Dad! I just started to get back out to have a social life. I’ve always been in my books and about my business. But I won’t sit around and not enjoy my youth. I just feel like your teaching skills are so demanding and critical.

Jose: Alessandra I’ve always ensured that the way I have taught you has been the same way I have taught your siblings, cousins, and other employees. It’s proven to be a fact and effective way.

Alessandra: Then explain to me why you are so hard on me. You give me this crazy ass should schedule. Papi, I barely have time to sleep now, I’m not eating properly. Dillion Jr is barely seeing me, I don’t even get to pick up from school. And Dillion is upset with me cause I’m not showing him enough attention.

Jose: In the real world…

Alessandra: Let me stop you right there *points finger* Dad this isn’t the real world. This is my real life. You don’t think I don’t want this just as bad as you want it for me? I separate you from my father/educator. I am your student when we are discussing how to properly pass exams. But the days of breaking me down and building me back up are over.

Jose: *sighs and pauses* You know what you’re right, I’m sorry

Alexandra Confessional: Standing up to my dad was the scariest thing ever. Because my siblings did and now they don’t have anything to do with him. My brother Aaron is a doctor in New York and my sister Niara is top OBYGN is Houston. Neither one of them stayed in Dubai to work for my father, but I want to be a part of the family legacy

Alessandra: Thank you, Dad! That’s all I wanted was for you to understand me.

Jose: I’ve always understood you. All I ever wanted was the best for you and your siblings. Have you spoken to either of them?

Alessandra *sighs* Dad I’ve already told you. I’m your guy’s mail carrier. You as a father should reach out to both of them. This was a mess you made. Now it’s time for you to clean it up.

Alessandra Confessional: I speak with my siblings every so often. They grew up close in age. So it’s a lot more things they were exposed to. Rather than I was a kid. So once they were able to get away from my father they did.

Jose: I know. I will soon.

Alessandra: It needs to be real soon.

The cameras pan out of Alessandra’s house and the daytime transitions to nighttime. The scene flips to a the hottest night club in Dubai, Boa, as the DJ is hyping up the room full of people

Barbie walks into the club and is led to a private area she’s purchased for the night


Barbie Confessional:

Barbie: Tonight I decided to invite all the girls out to my FAVORITE club, Boa! I’ve been great friends with the owner since I was eighteen and he’s gotten me in for years!

Producer: Eighteen?

Barbie: *coughs* DID I SAY THAT? I meant twenty one of course the legal age! *smiles*

Remy walks inside the club and waves to bystanders. She pushes someone out of the way on accident as she’s walking to the VIP area.


Remy: Oopsie! *sees Barbie* You look SEXY!

Barbie: You look HOT HOT HOT! Open back letting out some crack!

Remy: Only for you, gorgeous! *laughs* Let’s take a shot before the other girls get here!

Barbie and Remy takes a shot as Kirstin is seen arriving at the VIP area and greeting them.


She starts drinking out of a champagne bottle and dancing around. Alessandra and Hillary arrive together and make their way to the other girls

Hillary & Alessandra

Hillary Confessional: Do I really want to be out in the club tonight? Not really, but my husband said I deserved a night out with the girls. Most of these women are vapid and annoying, but I suppose I can find the fun in this?

Hillary: Hello my girls, how is life?

Barbie: Look at all of you showing up and showing out! *gets a round of shots* Let’s get started! *takes another one*

Remy: *snaps* Yes gorgeous girls! Yes! You all look so pretty!

Barbie: Hillary look at this GORGEOUS ensemble and Alessandra this yellow is so sexy on you! *giggles and hiccups*

Alessandra: Yes! I want us to have a good time tonight ladies. *smiles*

Barbie: *leans on Kirstin* I love that everyone came out!

Kirstin: And everyone is dressed the fuck up. I love it. *to group* Shots to everyone actually looking well put together tonight!

Barbie: *raises a shot* Now let’s PARTYYYY!

Remy: Yes, Barbs!

Hillary passes her shot to someone else

Hillary Confessional: No shots for me tonight!

The Heirs continue to down shots and dance. Remy starts to shake her boobs in Hillary’s face

Remy: Come on gorgeous! Loosen up a little! Dance with me, mama! *dances as underwear shows a little*

Kirstin: *grabs Alessandra by the hand* Let’s dance!

Alessandra and Kirstin dance as a hot guy starts dancing next to them, eyeing Kirstin up and down

Kirstin: *to Alessandra* Do you think he’s cute? Cause he’s either eyeing me or you. *laughs*

Alessandra: He’s eyeing you for sure. He ain’t my type girl.

Alessandra Confessional: Listen none of these compare to Landon. I can tell you that. They cute though *laughs*

Hillary: Where did Barbie’s drunk ass go?

The cameras catch Barbie’s mic heard in the back of the club as we see a glimpse of her getting really hot and heavy with the owner

Barbie Confessional: I was looking over details of my birthday of course, nothing more. *smiles slyly*

Kirstin Confessional: Barbie and I hold a lot in the vaults. A true girlfriend never tells what happens on girls night.

Remy is seen returning to the VIP section and sitting down

Remy: Oh my gosh! I haven’t partied like this since… well, last night *giggles* Alessandra! Girl! Yoo-hoo!

Hillary heads to the VIP section and takes a seat as Alessandra and Kirstin are still on the dance floor

Alessandra: Yes, tonight is the night!

Kirstin: Let’s go sit my feet hurt.

Barbie stumbles her way back to the VIP section after her rendezvous as Alessandra and Kirstin sit down with the rest of the group

Remy: Alessandra!! Girl! I’ve been calling you! Where have you been?!

Alessandra: I’ve been here. There’s no need to yell sweetheart.

Kirstin: It is loud in here. *sips*

Remy Confessional: I am so lit up right now. I feel like a Christmas tree. I want to like… kind of… haze Alessandra a bit. She wants to be around this group apparently, so she needs to show she can handle us *giggles*

Barbie: Wait, who invited this bitch? *pokes Alessandra’s head and laughs incoherently* You and your ugly shoes! *laughs with Remy*

Alessandra: Barbie, don’t touch me. You’re not that damn drunk. Don’t play with me.

Kirstin snaps her neck toward Alessandra


Hillary: *scrunches nose* relax girls

Barbie: *slurring* Hils laugh a littlez! *slurring to Alessandra* You obviously haven’t been around us though…like who do you think you are? Big shit? *pokes her again*

Hillary: Barbie keep your hands to yourself now

Alessandra: Please stop poking at me. I’m not a toy. Poke at your cousin.

Alessandra Confessional: These girls can’t hold their liquor. It’s truly embarrassing.

Remy: *gets up and hugs Alessandra* Oh… gorgeous! Have you always been this bland? *leans on her shoulder*

Alessandra: *removes Remy off of her* Personal space, please.

Remy: I’m so drunk right now! *giggles* Alessandra! Why are you so boring?!

Alessandra: I’m not boring. I’m just not doing this with you girls. Y’all are drunk!

Alessandra Confessional: If this is what fabulous looks like on a night out. I sure don’t wanna be considered fabulous

Remy: Hillary why did you bring herrrrrrr? *slurs words* It’s Hilary’s fault! She brought the boring one *giggles and reaches over to get another shot*

Hillary: Girls stop it, you’re embarrassing yourselves with the bully behavior

Kirstin Confessional: The pot calling the kettle black. Hillary is the ONLY bully here.

Barbie: Alessandra what do you even do?

Remy: Alessandra’s a doctor! *mocks her* I’ve never seen her hospital! Like… is she a doctor of giving head? *giggles*

Kirstin: *gasps* OH MY GOD! *bursts into laughter*

Barbie: *slurring* A heaaaddd doctor?

Hillary: Oh this is disgusting girls; truly a new low.

Alessandra: You know what. I don’t have to deal with this at all. You girls are very immature and I don’t wanna be around this. *gives Hillary a hug* I will see you later girl.

Alessandra Confessional: That’s not the type of vibe I wanna be around. Insulting my style, my career, and my looks. Those girls wish they could look as authentic as I am. Fake-ass barbies.

Alessandra makes her way out of the club as Hillary stands up

Hillary: I must admit, this is quite the gutter behavior girls. I won’t stand for it any longer and am leaving at this instance. When you all are sober you will receive a text message from me in the next few days.

Hillary sashays away through the crowd of people and leaves the club

Kirstin: BYE RU!

Remy: Byeeeeeeee gorgeoussssss!

Barbie: Whatever they’re stupid let’s do shots!

The cameras pan out of the club and the episode ends

Next time on Heirs: Kirstin and Barbie go luxury car shopping where they run into someone Kirstin isn’t very fond of. Remy invites Alessandra to her apartment to try and talk things out after the night at the club. Barbie looks into planning a big trip for the group of girls. Remy takes a trip out to LA for the Grammy’s celebration weekend. Back in Dubai, all the girls attend the Papa Dubai Restaurant Opening where the tension between everyone is cut.



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