[S1 E3]: The Dakota Williams Show

Voiceover: Live from Twitter, It’s the Dakota Williams Show.

Music plays as the intro is shown

Voiceover: Now heeeeeere’s Dakota!

We see the doors open and Dakota walks out onto the studio stage and starts to dance around as the audience claps

Dakota: Thank you for watching our show. Please welcome our amazing studio audience. How you doin’

The audience responds: How you doin’

Dakota: Let’s get started, it’s time for hot topics

Fun music plays as Dakota walks over to her chair and the audience claps

Dakota: So let’s start with, uh, the Ladies of Twitter *starts to laughs hysterically*

The audience begins to laugh

Dakota: These women *laughs* One of the cast members Luciana tweeted that she doesn’t do cameos like her co-stars. She wouldn’t resort to that I think she said. So *laughs* Rose Salazar a new cast member comes back with pictures of her cameos.

Dakota: *laughs* Then Luciana comes back and says something like, oh that’s probably my sister who has a bigger nose. And then, here’s where it gets juicy. Rose responds with this tweet.

Audience oohs

Dakota: Yea so it seems they aren’t getting along, and get this *laughs* Luciana tells her she likes, uh, Rose’s new nose *laughs* Whoever thought a Twitter argument would be over cameos and noses *laughs*

Audience laughs

Dakota: Anyway…In Beverly Beach the ladies went to Tokyo in the most recent episode, and wow. We first see all the women arrive at the hotel and the women didn’t know that, uh, Lorelei was coming.

Audience gasps

Dakota: Mhm, so the girls went to a temple and everything was pretty peaceful until dinner. They went to dinner and we learned the real reason why Lorelei cheated with the stepson. Her husband was abusing her

Audience gasps again

Dakota: Yea, I know, but here’s the thing. You always believe the woman.

Audience claps

Dakota: Some of the ladies thought that she was lying again. Which I don’t think Lorelei lied about being abuse to make an excuse up for her cheating scandal. I mean that just seems crazy to me *looks at Norman*

Norman: You never know

Dakota: Ooh, Norman, you're being messy. But surprisingly, uh, Ren was the most supportive to Lorelei which I really appreciated, yea. Also, I do feel very bad for Olivia, the only one sticking up for Lorelei and Lorelei didn’t tell her at all that it was true until that dinner. I mean, I would’ve at least told her before the dinner right.

Audience nods and agrees

Dakota: Well, *pause* I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo, I’m going to need to go some time.

Audience claps

Dakota: I know we have been talking about, uh, only the roleplay shows on here, but I want to discuss the most recent episode of the RHONY in real life. We saw all the women go to Lu’s house, to paint a nude guy, and at that dinner, there was a discussion about education, and new cast member Eboni wanted to defend herself saying she had the best, uh, the most, education.

Dakota: Then, Lu, *rolls eyes* called her angry. Mhm mhm. I want to say, that calling a black woman angry is disrespectful and from past experiences from me, it’s hurtful. So, Lu you need to check yourself.

Audience claps

Dakota: Alright enough of that! Let’s get back to roleplay, when we return *laughs* we’ll be talking to our panel about all things Beverly Beach.

The audience cheers as the camera fades out

Audience cheers as the camera focuses in on a table where Dakota is sitting in the middle with Macy to her left, and Holly to her right.

Dakota: Welcome back. We are here with our panel. Introducing Macy Parker and Holly Love

Holly Love
Macy Parker

Dakota: Girls, girls how are you?

Macy: Fantastic Dakota, how about you? *smiles*

Dakota: Great thank you, so let’s get into it, and talk about Beverly Beach. So let’s take it back a bit. What was your guys’ reaction to the truth coming out about Lorelei and the stepson?

Macy: Well I knew it was true all along. I’ve liked Elyse this season, she’s my favorite new cast member. She hasn’t shown to me that she lied, so I believe her, and she was right.

Holly: See I disagree, Elyse has been messy since the beginning. With Ashanti and the Walmart comment, to now intentionally telling the girls about what she saw. It wasn’t cool, it wasn’t “girl code”

Dakota: I agree more with Holly on this one, Elyse was messy *looks at camera*

Audience claps

Macy: Alright, Dakota, alright

Audience laughs

Dakota: So on tonight’s episode of Beverly Beach the ladies went to, uh, Tokyo, and what’s your opinion on Olivia not telling the girls that Lorelei was coming on the trip

Holly: I think that Olivia was being a little messy, but I think that the ladies could have been a little more receiving to her

Macy: I thought Lauren was though, it seemed that she was open.

Holly: True but look at how Ren told her assistant Consuela to not speak to her, who does that.

Dakota: Yea that was weird, I didn’t like that. So then, Olivia gave out the room assignments and told Ren that she’d be with Lorelei

Holly: Again, Olivia being messy, but I do think it was a good decision as we see at the end of the episode.

Macy: Yea I liked that Ren was more open with Lorelei by the end. It was nice.

Dakota, So then we see the girls go to the temple which was a nice getaway with very little drama, wouldn’t you two agree.

Holly: This would have been a good time for Lorelei to tell Olivia everything, but she decided to wait, I didn’t understand that.

Dakota: Yea, I agree with that. And then the 3 ladies Ren, Lauren, and Elyse talk about wanting her to be just more transparent, which is understandable.

Macy: Yess, they just want her to tell the truth. I think we’d all want our friends to be honest and truthful

Audience claps

Dakota: After the temple, the ladies went to the, uh, vampire dinner thing and we see some tension between Elyse and Olivia wouldn’t you two ladies agree.

Macy: Yea something is up there and I think it’ll play out a bit more

Dakota: Well we’ll see. But then, ughhh, we get to Lorelei’s toast. Hunny what the hell was that

Audience laughs

Holly: It was definitely different, but I think these women have been attacking her and she was retaliating

Macy: Holly c’mon, they were all getting along and Lorelei ruined it as usual. Who brings a photo of someone showing their face progression and say they’re inauthentic. Elyse had some plastic surgery over the years, nothing wrong with that. Lorelei can probably talk more about plastic surgery than Elyse.

Dakota: Chile, you two *laughs* Well, next we see Lorelei tell Lauren she’s irrelevant, do you two think that.

Macy: Absolutely not! As she said, Lorelei just moved to Beverly Beach, stay in your place.

Holly: I personally don’t think that Lauren needed to get involved in the situation between Elyse and Lorelei.

Macy: But she was defending her friend Elyse, wouldn’t you do the same

Holly: True, I just again think it was Lorelei trying to defend herself.

Dakota: Alright ladies, let’s get to the main part of the episode where we learn that Lorelei was being abused by her husband and that’s why she, uh, cheated with the stepson. What’s your opinion on that Holly?

Holly: I absolutely feel for her, I like many women have been in that situation, it sucks and sometimes you just don’t think about your actions. I totally understand it

Macy: *under breath* bullshit

Dakota: Now c’mon Macy she was being abused, what’s your issue now? *rolls eyes*

Macy: I think it’s an excuse, I really do. She’s caught in this big lie, and she must come up with another one to make up reasons why she lied the first time!

Dakota: No no no no, I don’t agree with that one bit but we’ll leave it there. Alright, thank you panel. Thank you all for watching and supporting our show this week. It means a lot to the production team and me. Anyway, thank you again and we’ll be back next Tuesday with a brand new episode. I’m Dakota Williams, we’ll see y’all later.

Audience claps and cheers, camera fades away from the studio

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