[S1 E6]: Watch What Happens Live: Twitter Special with the Real Housewives of Beverly Beach

Andy Cohen

Andy: Hey everyone, I’m here with the stunning ladies of Beverly Beach to recap an explosive 4th season, how are you all doing tonight?


Grace: *smiles* I am well, Andy. Great to see you!


Pat: Incredible Andy Baby! Thanks for having us *smiles*


Sheridan: Doing fantastic Andy! Great to be back!

Ren: *smirks* So good to be here


Lorelei: I’m great, Andy! *smiles*


Imani: Feeling fabulous as per usual, Andy. *smiles* Thank you for having us!

Ren: *whispers to Sheridan* They are having the ‘friends’ of on early this year I see…

Andy: Well, it’s so great to have you all here in the clubhouse! I want to start by mentioning that Lauren is not here with us, and after watching last episode we saw what led to her getting arrested. What was everyone’s reaction to that?

Grace: *sighs* It was shocking and… heartbreaking to be honest.

Pat: I wasn’t surprised but God bless..

Lorelei: It was honestly bizarre. Lauren’s so clean and cookie cutter that her being a felon is shocking to me.

Ren: *looks disappointed* Lauren is a mother first and foremost and the arrest was tough on her and the kids. I wish she was here but she made the best choice for her and her family.

Sheridan: I just want Lauren to be okay.

Andy: Frank from Glendale asks, did any of you think that Lauren would be in this situation, because she always gives off that innocent girl vibe?

Sheridan: This could have honestly happened to anyone.

Grace: *shakes head* No… I didn’t think she had it in her to do something like that.

Imani: Honestly we all know Lauren is not the saint everyone makes her out to be… she had opinions but always voiced them behind people’s back.

Pat: Can we stop calling her innocent? Lauren is very shady and manipulative.. She just does it when the cameras are down

Imani: *nods as Pat speaks* Lauren is Lauren… she knows how to play the game and is very good at it.

Ren: After years of knowing her and her being strong. She came to a breaking point. It’s understandable. She’s a kind person. The people saying otherwise don’t know her.

Sheridan: *shakes head at the ladies who are calling Lauren a bad person*

Pat: *whispers to Grace* Don’t know her yet she told me how her bestie was sleeping with randoms *giggles*

Grace: *remains silent, listening*

Andy: Well I’m hoping that she can get through this tough time she’s having. Sheridan, I saw that you posted the cover of your new cookbook. How has the experience been creating that?

Sheridan: It’s been great Andy. Most of the women have been so supportive, and it’s actually a top seller! *smiles*

Ren: New York Times best seller to be exact! You go girl!

Sheridan: Thank you Ren; the fans have been so supportive on social media as well. They are loving the recipes.

Pat: Look at her..looks like she’s her own taste tester

Imani: *laughs hard* Oh my god

Sheridan: Fat shaming is so unbecoming of a grandmother.

Pat: I wasn’t fat shaming anyone. I’m thrilled that you are showing anyone with a high BMI can be on reality TV

Sheridan: My body is fabulous and I keep my man happy in the bedroom and that is all that matters.

Andy: Sheridan, can you clear up a bit to me what your relationship is with Martin? I’m still confused because I thought you two were separated but it seems you two are together

Sheridan: Martin and I are working on our relationship. He cheated on me when we were going through a rough patch after I found out I was not able to carry a child and I completely shut down and was cold towards him. He ended up getting another woman pregnant and I filed for divorce. Martin is my soulmate and we are working through our issues with a counselor and are in an EXCELLENT place right now.

Grace: *whispers to Pat* You can’t make this shit up…

Andy: That’s good to hear, Lorelei, this season you had a rough time trying to navigate the relationship with Xavier and your mother-in-law? How’s that going?

Lorelei: *sighs* Yes. It’s not going too well. We’re still at a stalemate and we’ll never see eye to eye. *shrugs* Xavier tries his best to separate two lives for now…it works.

Andy: Do you two communicate at all?

Lorelei: *laughs* Communicate with her? To be called all kinds of bitches and whores? I’m good on that. We do not speak.

Ren: I think her speaking the truth to you was to make sure you were being good to her grandchild right? You have to understand where she might be coming from?

Lorelei: *looks at Ren* Now, please don’t get involved. This isn’t your place.

Ren: No shade! I’m just saying from my perspective. I can understand what she was saying.

Imani: I’m very confused as to why Ren is getting involved…this is family’s business. Nobody calls out how miserable you are with your man that’s why you’re always stick your nose in peoples business. Grow up.

Ren: I’m not talking to botched face *motions towards Imani*

Lorelei: *laughs at Ren* Mmm. She loves to be in people’s business because she doesn’t have anything else going on

Ren: Answer the question Lorelei

Lorelei: I don’t have to answer to you, hooker *rolls eyes*

Sheridan: *mouth drops* Oh my goodness

Ren: *crosses legs*

Andy: Alright, Lorelei, you reunited with your sister, Imani, this season. Since you guys wrapped filming, has your relationship stayed strong?

Lorelei: *looks at Imani and snaps my fingers* Oh, of course. My sister and I are good. We’re going to stay good. These other ladies fail to remember that we are blood.

Imani: Lorelei and I are amazing! I’m glad Ren put to use her crossed-eyes and focused on the two of us all season long. However, I’m proud of Lorelei and I. We have come so far and I love her more than when were children. Our bond is getting stronger.

Ren: They’re good because she brought her on TV to be her back up for a check. They don’t like each other. Please.

Grace: *gasps* That’s an awful thing to say…

Ren: Grace it’s the truth and you know it sweetie.

Lorelei: And that’s a check that will always be larger than yours. Stay seated. *points at Ren* Your only storyline this season was thrusting that thot pocket of yours with men other than your husband, Ren.

Imani: So you know my family’s business but won’t talk about the fact you’re keeping Consuela around because she’s been the only reason why your children have a mother figure?

Ren: *rolls eyes at the other women* Everyone’s coming for the queen today huh

Andy: Okay, okay, let’s talk about those rumors that Pat brought up about you two not actually being sisters, do you two have resentment still for Pat because of that?

Pat: Lorelei and Imani. Truly, from the bottom of my heart. I apologize for the back and forth. That rumor was gross and insensitive. Truly…I’m sorry

Lorelei: Thank you, Pat. I appreciate it. We’re good.

Sheridan: Wow, finally an admission and an apology.

Pat: Yes, Sheridan.. to people that deserve it

Imani: I accept your apology, Pat! I have grown to like you even though we stay fighting on the twitter. Thank you for that.

Andy: Pat it really seemed like, this season, you came in and…stirred a lot of drama up. Would you say you’re a shit stirrer, and do the other girls think she is?

Pat: Oh absolutely. I’m 100% a shit stirrer

Lorelei: *laughs at Pat* At least she admits it

Grace: Pat’s not perfect, let me be clear. Yes, she loves drama but she’s a down-to-earth girl too.

Pat: But honestly Andy. I was bringing out Truth. Besides what happened with Imani and Lorelei, everything else was FACT

Imani: I think Pat has been in the game for way too long and knows how to get people talking; However, you gotta be careful girl! You spewed lies that could’ve destroyed peoples lives. There’s a limit for everything. Learn from this.

Ren: Don’t get me wrong, I have love for Pat and I know not everyone gets it but honey you were doing the most *laughs*

Pat: Some girls couldn’t handle the heat because once I came on the scene they faded to the back

Lorelei: *shadily looks at Ren as Pat says that*

Andy: On another note, you’ve moved back to Twitter and are apart of our new show Ladies of Twitter: All Stars, how are you feeling about that?

Pat: I’m thrilled! It’s going to be absolutely amazing.. and just remember Andy…You cannot be Legendary without being an All Star *looks into camera smiles and winks*

Andy: *laughs* Ren, do you think Pat wanted to break up your friendship with Lauren when she repeated to you what Lauren had told her about your relationship?

Ren: Absolutely! Me and Pat have great chemistry as friends but I’ve been close with Lauren for years and years. If Pat wasn’t against all my close friends on the show we could’ve been a great duo.

Pat: Can I answer that too? Because honestly the answer is no. It was never my intent to ruin friendships as much as it was to keep everyone honest. again what’s missing here is that everything that was brought to light was truth..

Imani: *laughs* Girl, girl, girl!

Ren: *raises eyebrows* Hmm…Everything except Imani sleeping with Eddie?

Pat: Well that wasn’t true.

Imani: But you were the one who spread that around?

Ren: *scoffs* Mmkay. Guillermo my assistant told me he saw you two together on many occasions.

Imani: Just because you’re just to spreading those legs like your eyes doesn’t mean I sleep with people. Pat and I are two, three, maybe four decades apart. Why would I mess with someone older than me?

Ren: Aaron said you fucked half of his team mates bitch!

Lorelei: That rumor wasn’t true at all. Ren just said that to distract us from the real loose woman. *looks at her* We didn’t forget you had relations with your husband’s best friend girl, we ain’t forgetting.

Ren: My husband’s bestfriend? What about my husband’s son?!Honey you have no room to talk. Hush.

Grace: *puts head in hands*

Andy: Okay, let me butt in here

Sheridan: This is going low ladies please

Ren: Low? It’s facts.

Andy: Pat, I want to talk to you about your game in the Seychelles…what was your thought process when wanting to play that game?

Pat: Honestly Andy, I was wasted. But I was so angry with what was happening that night that I had to blow it up somehow

Andy: Daisy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin asks, Pat why can you throw low blows at the other ladies’ relationship, but they can’t throw low blows at yours and when they do you deflect from it. What’s the deal?

Pat: Oh no no no Daisy. That’s just not true. The ladies can say whatever they want as long as it’s Truth. I never went after anyone’s relationship

Ren: *pulls flasks from behind pillow and takes a sip*

Imani: I feel like Pat loves to control the narrative in a way

Pat: Control what narrative You have no clue how many things over the years have been thrown at me.. I was ready for whatever in Beverly Beach

Imani: We know, that’s why you came in swinging with rumors

Pat: No baby.. not rumors. Truth

Imani: Rumors you had no proof to

Sheridan: You weren’t ready for the fact that Eddie spends more time in Beverly beach even when you are out in Twitter; with other women. Do you have a open relationship with Eddie?

Pat: Oh please Sheridan, just sit there. Andy can we ask Sheridan what her storyline was this season without me? Cause no one gives a fuck about her Cookbook of Fatty Foods

Ren: The thing is Pat…Most of us welcomed you with open arms. Just seemed like you were combative towards the wrong people. Instead of Lauren, you should have been exposing Lore-LIE and Fiona.

Pat: Lauren turned on me. That was it for us.

Andy: Alright, I want to play a little game with you all called the Beverly Bitch. I’m going to give you girls a scenario from the season and you’ll all say who you think was the “Beverly Bitch” in the situation. Who was the Beverly Bitch when Aaron telling Ren to get it together to raise Gracie?

Pat: Aaron. Might as well check to see if he has a pussy for that shit

Sheridan: Aaron shouldn’t have done all of that on camera

Imani: Ren…I mean Consuela and Aaron do more than her.

Grace: Hmmm…both of them need to get their shit together to be honest.

Lorelei: Ren. I mean, be a better mother to that child. Come on, now *laughs*

Ren: I take responsibility, I wasn’t use to being a mom at the time. As his wife he was keeping honest.

Lorelei: Mm..least she admits it.

Ren: I take the title. I own it.

Andy: Who was the Beverly Bitch when Sheridan brought up Elyse’s coke addiction at brunch?

Pat: Sheridan

Grace: Sheridan. 100%

Ren: Sheridan, I’m sorry.

Lorelei: Sheridan *cackles* but it was funny and still is

Sheridan: *rolls eyes* they were literally fighting over the coke being brought up but wouldn’t say what they were fighting about. Mention it or shut the fuck up, jeez!

Andy: Who was the Beverly Bitch when Pat mentioned potential secrets about Imani and Lorelei?

Grace: Pat…I’m sorry honey.

Pat: Me! I own it

Lorelei: Pat, duh

Imani: Pat…100%

Ren: Well Imani changed her whole face and got hella lippo. Who could blame her for believing they aren’t really related.

Imani: Got Lipo, changed my face, and I still look better than you!

Andy: Who was the Beverly Bitch when Lauren said that Grace acted insane at brunch?

Pat: Lauren. Lauren. Lauren

Imani: Grace has a tendency of freaking out very easily. But I’ll go with Lauren.

Sheridan: Grace was insane for acting insane at the brunch. *laughs*

Lorelei: Grace, sorry sweetie *chuckles*

Ren: Grace. She has an attitude problem and it spirals. Can never admit when she’s wrong.

Sheridan: *nods* Very condescending

Grace: Look in the mirror, honey. I stand by what I said and did.

Andy: Who was the Beverly Bitch when Lorelei called Grace a follower and yelled at Pat for defending her?

Sheridan: Grace was a bitch for following Pat blindly all season

Pat: Lorelei. There’s a difference between being a follower and being a friend. Grace held me accountable

Grace: Lorelei. I’m nobody’s follower, I am my own woman

Ren: *laughs* Lorelei is always a little bitch, so I can’t answer that without being biased

Imani: Grace, I’m sorry but the only time that Grace was right was during the Trip because I would’ve done the same. I feel as though Grace treated Pat as a price because she was in the middle of the limelight all season; At times, it was very cringe to watch.

Sheridan: Grace is very strategic and she tried to move strategically this season for camera time by allying with Pat who was famous from her previous show.

Andy: Who was the Beverly Bitch when Grace grabbed Lauren’s hand and then Ren grabbing Grace?

Sheridan: Grace *laughs*

Grace: Ren. I was defending Lorelei because neither of them would let her leave, she was clearly uncomfortable.

Imani: Ren. They were both trying to bully Lorelei.

Lorelei: Ren. She is always so aggressive. You know she can’t control her temper *laughs*

Ren: Touch my friends and will beat your ass. We don’t play those games where I’m from. Grace can’t go around putting her hands on people.

Grace: *shakes head* Ren, you’re just a thug…

Ren: Excuse me?!

Grace: *smiles smugly* You heard me. Live with it.

Andy: Who was the Beverly Bitch when Pat brought up Ren’s old affair?

Ren: Pat…

Imani: I mean… both. All they did during the season was being up rumors.

Grace: Pat but it was so messy… and so good! *smirks*

Sheridan: *rolls eyes* Grace it’s not good when people are being genuinely hurt by the shit exposed!

Pat: Ren. She shouldn’t of slept with anyone but her man

Lorelei: Ren shouldn’t have been fucking that openly like that. Pat did us a favor. I mean… I thoroughly enjoyed it. *laughs*

Ren: Excuse me?! I’m a mom and a wife bringing up old shit to destroy my rep because Eddie is sticking his little meat in Imani is WRONG. You girls need help.

Pat: His penis is huge thank you very much.

Ren: His penis is small, Guillermo told me that too.

Sheridan: The way some of the women revel in the pain of other women is disgusting!

Andy: Who was the Beverly Bitch when Pat acted out at Grace’s fashion line launch?

Pat: Not I! Once again, the ladies have a very hard time with understanding my role.

Lorelei: Pat for sure. Grace really had several designers there and it wasn’t appropriate

Imani: I can’t pick! I acted a fool at the event and I’m forever sorry for that.

Grace: Pat was, I’m sorry. But she wasn’t alone in acting the fool… there was much worse than her. *glances at Sheridan*

Pat: *looks at Sheridan* The way you acted all season was atrocious

Grace: 100% agree!

Sheridan: Oh please! I caught on to your shenanigans early on Pat, and Grace you caped for the wrong person all season!

Andy: Who was the Beverly Bitch when Sheridan called the concierge to get Pat’s stuff removed?

Pat: SHERIDAN! How dare she!!

Sheridan: Okay come on that was funny! I was definitely the bitch there.

Lorelei: Sheridan. It was funny, but messy *laughs*

Ren: *smirks* It was very bad girls club of you and Imani but I have to admit I loved every second of it!

Imani: Honestly that was very corny.. Sheridan.

Sheridan: *laughs* Corny but you loved it

Pat: It was your one moment of the season. It’s what gave you that season 2 contract

Andy: Lastly, who was the Beverly Bitch when Sheridan talked shit about Imani and Lorelei calling Imani a prostitue?

Grace: Sheridan, it was disgusting. She was shaming Imani…

Pat: Sheridan again!

Imani: Sheridan. To be honest I’m very hurt about that and things will never be the same.

Ren: Imani has a past an an escort. It was facts.

Sheridan: I was merely repeating what was said and asking questions to the people who told me that. When did I run it back to anyone or talk about it on the show or on social media?

Lorelei: Sheridan. I didn’t like that comment. It was very low and sad to witness because I thought we grew a little bond, but she was friends with Ren after all.

Imani: I am honestly very disappointed. I feel as though Sheridan used me and Lorelei to get rid of Pat. I defended her rumors, her eggs, and the countless of times Pat gathered her for fashion and body shape.

Sheridan: Ren and Lauren told me in the scene and while yes, I laughed, I was merely repeating to them what they just said and asking about it.

Pat: How is it that you can flap your gums about a rumor but I cannot Shrek?

Sheridan: I asked the person who told me Pat! Not the whole group! I didn’t even believe it and it didn’t change my friendship with Lorelei and Imani clearly!

Andy: Thank you all for playing, Imani, what was your reaction to watching that when it aired because it seemed like you and Sheridan were good?

Imani: We really can’t expect much from someone who is used to being the other woman. Insecurity is something that you have to work on.

Sheridan: I think it’s sad that Imani is showing her insecurity when I haven’t said a bad thing about her in press or elsewhere that she feels the need to degrade me with people she doesn’t even like.

Imani: Insecurity? Girl you were calling me out of my name to people that didn’t mess with me while calling me a friend. You’re the most insecure of it all. Don’t blame me for all the shit your man has put you through

Grace: Andy, Sheridan goes low and goes too far… like way too far. There’s being brutally honest and there’s being outright nasty… Sheridan is a nasty individual.

Pat: I agree Grace!

Ren: Sheridan is brutally honest and these simpletons can’t handle it. Grow up.

Sheridan: Perhaps what Ren and Lauren told me was true? Imani is certainly acting like she’s one of the women who fuck Eddie behind Pat’s back while she’s trying to pay off her debts back in Twitter.

Imani: You can cook some eggs but surely yours can’t be cooked. Take your anger out on your man. Now I’m dismissing you.

Ren: They love Sheridan when she is keeping it real but when it’s about them they become cry babies. Shut the fuck up.

Grace: I don’t love anything about her, Ren so that’s bullshit.

Sheridan: It’s sad what people will do to keep a check on national television Andy.

Andy: Okay! I want to switch gears…so, Grace and Lorelei you two started out in a rocky place at Lauren’s Summer Solstice, but you then became good by the end of the season. Where are you two at now?

Grace: *smiles* We’re in a much better place. We’ve actually taken the time to get to know each other… it’s a slow process but I do have love for her and respect her as a woman and as a mother…

Lorelei: We’re fine now. I think we both had preconceived notions of one another and never got to fully get to know each other. I do think Grace is a funny woman and we’re good

Ren: *scoffs* Fake

Lorelei: Like your finances *looks at Ren*

Andy: Lynn from Stockton, California asks Grace is there a reason you defend Pat in every situation? What does she have on you?

Grace: Pat was a good friend to me. I defended her but I also held her accountable. Some of that was captured on camera, a lot of it was off-camera.

Pat: *laughs* So stupid. In every scene I had with Grace, she held me accountable

Imani: I mean she called you old and you laughed honey. That’s just my take.

Andy: Grace, how’s House of Faroe doing after your launch party in the finale?

Grace: *smiles* We’re booming. We’re actually planning our next line and partnering with a big fashion house in Miami to do a collaboration… hopefully I’ll be able to show that on next season. *winks*

Pat: Yay!

Ren: Consulea actually saw Grace’s collection at Marshall’s. So it must be doing great

Grace: *shakes head* Ren, you’re tacky as hell…

Ren: What?! Consulea saw it there

Andy: for our final sort of game, I want to ask you all what your Roses & Thorns are for this season. Lorelei, let’s start with you?

Lorelei: My rose was rekindling my relationship with my little sis *eyes Imani and smiles* My thorn was not being able to fix my family like I’d like to.

Andy: Ren, our OG, you go next

Ren: My rose was being able to bond more with my Gracie and fix my family, like the WIFE I am and have a blast with my bestie this season *looks at Sheridan* My thorn was letting these women cause me to act of character. But you live and you grow.

Andy: Pat Fireson, how about you?

Pat: Rose was meeting some absolutely fabulous women, much like this lady *grabs Grace* Thorn was the rumor about Imani and Lorelei, They are two great gals.. Everyone else can suck it.

Andy: Sheridan…

Sheridan: So many roses…my cook book launch obviously, but another would definitely be forming a friendship with Lorelei. I got very close with her during filming, and I hope that we can continue our friendship moving forward. My thorn was my stepson’s accident. I was lucky that production didn’t air the meltdown I had when I found out the news and I was thankful for Ren being able to calm me down that night. It was horrific.

Andy: Imani…

Imani: My rose, same as Lorelei, reconnecting with her and being receptive to the idea. I can be a stubborn person, but I love the place that we’re at right now, I wouldn’t change a thing! My thorn… honestly going back and forth with Grace on social media. We both have said nasty things but I regret them and wish I didn’t go that low.

Andy: Grace, take us home

Grace: *sighs* Well, there’s a couple of roses really… launching House of Faroe’s new line was amazing, but also getting to know Lorelei and Imani more and getting to a good place with them both. My thorn… wow. Well, everything with my daughter. We’re not speaking right now and it’s quite… *tears up* heartbreaking to think about where we are now. *manages to compose self* But another thorn from this season would be meeting Sheridan Campbell. 100%.

Andy: Thank you all. Is there anything else before we wrap up that anynone wants to mention or get off your chest?

There is a long pause until Grace speaks up…

Grace: Actually, yes. *turns to Lorelei* I know we’re moving past everything… but I’ve not taken the opportunity to properly apologize. I said some… awful things about you as a mother and I regret them. So, I’m sorry and I hope we can continue to move forward… *takes hand*

Lorelei: *widens eyes, taken aback* Thank you for that. I really appreciate that. That’s the one thing I’m sensitive about is someone mentioning me as a mother. *holds her hand* We’ve moved on

Andy: I think this is a great place to end it, thank you ladies for being here tonight. Cheers to Season 5!




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Welcome to The Andy Network! We’ll talk about all things roleplay on Watch What Happens Live: Twitter. Catch our new show Full of Fashion weekly!

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