[S2 E12]: Baller Wives: Twitter *Season Finale*

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32 min readMar 29, 2023

Previously on Baller Wives: Calista talks with her son Justin about his frustration with Calista and Terrell’s engagement, where h e admits it’ll take him a while to adjust to the new relationship. Joi looks at wedding venues with Charlotte and talks about the struggles she’s had with planning the weddine. Charlotte reveals in a confessional she’s heard some things about Lorenzo that may relate to that. Brittany expresses her disappointment to Elle and Riley about the state of her friendship with Cassie. Blair hosts her soft book launch where Charlotte and Joi get into it with Cassie over not apologizing to Elle after their altercation in Paris. Cassie ends up leaving the event, leaving the girls stunned at the fight

The episode opens as cameras pan around Valu Venu in Twitter, while Calista and Terrell exit their vehicle

Calista & Terrell

Calista Confessional: So today is the day of our engagement party and Terrell and I couldn’t be more excited to share the moment with our family and friends. We decided to come by and check out the venue early this morning just to see if things are moving along smoothly.

Calista and Terrell enter the building as Dominique Deveraux, Calista’s party planner and owner of House of Deveraux, stands waiting for them

Dominique: Hello dahlings! It’s lovely to see the two lovebirds! *gives Terrell and Calista a hug*

Dominique Deveraux

Terrell: Nice seeing you again Dominique. I’m looking at an empty venue…

Dominique: Oh don’t worry Mr. Terrell Robinson! The night will be transformed before you arrive later on this evening.

Calista: I want to make sure our vision truly comes to fruition. I don’t even see the flowers or our lovely portraits.

Dominique: *clears throat* You hired me to do a job and I need you to trust and believe the process. I plan weddings all over the globe so a little engagement party is a piece of cake!

Terrell: *clears throat* Little?

Dominique: Big, excuse me. Big like your pockets and those strong, muscular hands Mr. Robinson!

Calista: Thank you Dominique. *chuckles*

Calista Confessional: Dominique is definitely a character but I’ve seen her work and she’s good at what she does. I hope she doesn’t fumble the bag on our engagement party because we paid good money. This isn’t just any event, it’s about love and celebrating love.

Dominique: Feel free to have another look around the venue!

Terrell: There’s nothing to look at. *laughs*

Dominique: Close your eyes and visualize Mr. Robinson! Trust the process. Isn’t that what you did when you proposed? Let House of Deveraùx do what she does

Calista: *giggles* Let’s let Dominique do her job. We need to have bigger conversations anyway.

Terrell: Like?

Calista: Do you want to start with Justin or Jamal Sr.?

Terrell: Let’s start with Justin because I know you felt some type of way about his reaction toward everything.

Calista: Well we had a talk and he said he doesn’t know if he can fully accept the engagement right now.

Terrell: And why is that?

Calista: He feels that it happened too quickly but I know deep down what happened between Jamal and I affected him.

Terrell: I understand all of that and he’s a little man who has a mind of his own so I’m not gonna overstep my boundaries. I’m hoping with time he’ll be able to see my true intentions with you and whenever he’s ready to have a conversation with me, I’m here. That’s all I can say but I can’t help the fact that I love you and I did the things I did. *kisses Calista’s hand*

Calista: Thank you for being understanding with Justin.

Terrell: Always. Now his dad is another story…

Calista: Well let’s talk about that actually. We’re engaged but I’m technically still legally married to him.

Calista Confessional: Yes, I am still legally married to Jamal Sr. If it were up to me, the divorce would’ve been finalized months ago but Jamal Sr. is dragging his feet out of spite. It’s not like I begging for anything. I surely don’t need his money to help pay for a home or provide for me. He’s just being a stubborn old man.

Terrell: And that means we can’t get married until you’re officially divorced…

Calista: I don’t want you to feel like you’re wasting your time with me because of his foolishness.

Terrell: Calista, I love you for you and that’s it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have proposed and I would’ve left a long time ago. I’m in this with you and we’re going to handle it together. Stop beating yourself up about it.

Calista Confessional: What I have with Terrell is definitely reassurance and support, something I lacked with Jamal Sr. It definitely means a lot to me.

Calista: I know. It’s just so frustrating how he’s dragging this but he only wants me to suffer because he’s embarrassed. It’s so ridiculous. I just want to be divorced so I can spend the rest of my life with you. *laughs*

Terrell: We’re going to stop talking about him because tonight is our night babe to celebrate our engagement and our love for each other. *grabs Calista’s hand* Let’s get outta here and let House of Deveraùx do what she do.

Dominique: *overhears* Thank you! You’ll be trembling in your Gucci! Make sure you leave me a good review on Google as the best planner you’ve ever had. I’ll even give you a 5% discount on the wedding!

Calista: *chuckles* She’s such a mess…

Calista Confessional: But how can you not love her? *laughs*

Calista and Terrell walk out of the building and the scene transitions to a busy morning in Downtown Twitter. The cameras land on a restaurant where breakfast is being served. Cassie is seen walking up the sidewalk and into the restaurant


Cassie: Table for two please. Reservation under Cassie Carlisle.

Hostess: Right this way Mrs. Carlisle.

Cassie arrives at the table and sits down as her confessional plays

Cassie Confessional: Upon leaving Blair’s book signing; I had an epiphany. This is all just too much. Joi and I may have said a lot of mean things about each other and she may have been apart of Charlotte’s revenge plot on me; but honestly we are freaking adults and it’s time to move forward. And embarrassing Blair at her event was not cute at all — I know Charlotte can’t help herself, but Joi and I can at least put the past in the past and act like the successful adult women we are recognized as in Twitter. At least I hope. *smiles*

A few moments later Joi walks into the restaurant and sees Cassie sitting at a table; she walks up subtly


Joi: Good morning, Cassie.

Cassie: Good morning. The pink is popping! *laughs awkwardly*

Joi: Why thank you.

Joi sits down and flags the waiter over

Joi Confessional: I’m very skeptical about coming out to breakfast with Cassie because I never know how she’s going to react. The last time I thought we were on cordial terms, we actually weren’t and it showed me that I didn’t know if I could trust her.

Joi: *to Cassie* Well what do I owe the pleasure of breakfast this morning?

Cassie: Well honestly, I think it’s time for us to put our big girl panties on and stop the high school dramatics. We are both successful businesswomen in this city and the way we interact with each other in the public — it’s not doing either of us any favors when it comes to our businesses.

Joi: I can agree with that. I’m not even sure how we got to this point because I didn’t come into this group ready to be on the firing squad against Cassie. Hell, I didn’t even know you. And when we celebrated your launch last year, I thought we were turning over a new leaf, so I’ve always been ready and willing to at least be cordial with one another

Cassie: *nods* I know our personalities don’t exactly mesh but people with differing personalities have grown to be great friends you know; and maybe that will be us? I think I’d like to just address any issues that we have with each other today and agree before going into those conversations we will end breakfast on a good note agreeing to not rehash anything after today?

Joi: I can definitely work in that manner.

Cassie: *nods* So do you want to share first?

Joi: I can…Cassie, like I said I never had a problem with you until, I feel, you started coming at me for a reason I have yet to figure out. Yes, I might’ve said some things about you and your past, but it was done in retaliation for how you have treated it. You have not respected me as a woman for as long as we’ve been a part of this group. That was shown at the events, in Paris, and practically everywhere. I’m not sure if my friends are the ones that led you to just dislike me or if I did anything, but as far as I can remember I haven’t done anything. At least not first.

Cassie: *nods* I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with you based on a one-on-one type of interaction. My issues have stemmed from you having the backs of others that I may be having disagreements with. That doesn’t give me the right to make digs at you or personal attacks so for that I do apologize.

Joi: I appreciate that because as it has been shown, I am friends with ladies who may not get along with another person I’m cool with. However, I don’t go out to choose a side or just hate one or the other. Again, I appreciate that apology and I can apologize for retaliating in a manner that was incredibly wrong and harsh.

Cassie: That brings me to the playboy scandal I guess we will call it. Look, I posed naked in the past using an alias. You’re aware of my story and that my past had some incredible lows and that was a part of my lows. I can only own that and move forward; because I did it. But honestly, how did you come to find out my alias and discover my photos?

Joi: I have friends who are friends with people you know. It eventually got back to me and I felt it was right in the moment for me to share. No one from this group told ME personally. They might have told those people I mentioned, but it was never said to me. I mean didn’t the girl tell you someone in your camp wasn’t loyal. Or was that told to someone else?

Cassie: I did get a warning about that…only my husband and Brittany knew about my alias of the people I surround myself with in 2022. Obviously, I’m sure there are fans who may have discovered — hell I’m on a reality tv show *laughs* but from what is going around; Brittany leaked it. But I’m not here to dive into all of that or put you in a situation! I just want to end the BS between us and move forward working on a friendship and being able to be around each other without negativity.

Joi: I am definitely open to forging a new path and trying to develop a cordial relationship. I think it’s best for the us as, like you said, businesswomen and also the group!

Cassie: Well on that note let’s order some damn food! I’m hungry! *laughs*

Joi: I think we both have that in common! *laughs*

The scene fades out of the restaurant as the ladies begin to order and turns Charlotte’s house on the outskirts of Twitter.

The cameras pan around the interior of the house as Charlotte prepares a spread of food and wine

Charlotte’s Confessional: We have been renovating our home for about six months now, we’ve gutted it completely out and just modernized the whole castle! I mean- kingdom. And today I’ve invited some of the girls over to see the work!

The cameras follow Elle’s Porsche as it pulls into the driveway and Elle walks to the front door

Elle: Well isn’t this just GORGEOUS?!


Charlotte’s maid opens the door

Maid: Welcome, we are expecting you. Please come in. *yells* Ms. Charlotte! Your guests are arriving.

Charlotte walks up the hallway to Elle in the foyer

Charlotte: Hello hello beautiful!!

Elle: *air kisses Charlotte and hands her a bottle of champagne* Hi gorgeous! A little house renovating gift for you from Chris and me!

Charlotte: Awww thank you!! This is lovely. Come, sit! I have plenty of drinks and snacks laid out!

Elle and Charlotte go into the living room and take a seat; Elle pours herself a glass of champagne

Elle: Who else is coming today Char? I feel like it’s been a bit since I’ve seen some of the girls!

Charlotte: Well, Riley should be on her way and uhhh Brittany is coming too.

Elle: Oh good nobody I dislike. *sips and giggles*

Charlotte: Yeah, I actually am excited to let you guys see the house! I trust you all to be in my home. I just don’t feel this group has genuine people sometimes. Ya know?

Elle: I totally understand what you’re saying Char, some of these girls are faker than Barbie!

Riley is let in by Charlotte’s maid and she walks into the living room where Charlotte and Elle are


Charlotte: Heyyyy babe!! Are these black jeans?!? Yesss!!!

Riley: Hi baby, it’s good to see you! *laughs* I’m honestly not even sure what these are, they’ve had me in different outfits for different shows today. I feel like somebody’s Barbie

Riley Confessional:

Riley: Charlotte invited me over to see her newly renovated mansion, so I’m running over there between segment shoots, it should definitely be…interesting to see Char’s interior decor style because we all know her clothing style.

Producer: What do you mean?

Riley: Oh, stop it! *laughs and waves my hands* You know! We all love her but we know.

Elle: *gets up and hugs Riley* Hi gorgeous how are you?!

Riley: Hi Elle! I’m glad to see you too. *hugs Elle*

Charlotte: Riley, have you seen Elle since the fashion show?

Elle: We have, we had an event with Brit that went beautifully!

The doorbell rings, and it rings again causing Charlotte to get up and open the front door; she opens it and Brittany is standing there waiting


Charlotte: Well hello legs!

Brittany: *puts one leg out* Moisturized and ready to walk around this big ass house! This is so amazing *steps in*

Brittany Confessional: I was happy to receive an invitation to see Charlotte’s renovation. It’s on the more mundane side of the events we get invited to but it matters still, she thought of me.

Charlotte: Come in come in!! You look beautiful!

Charlotte and Brittany walk back to the living room

Elle: Hi gorgeous! Long time no see love the yellow! *air kisses*

Brittany: Hey Elle, always good to see you and your pinks

Riley: Hi Brittany. *waves* It’s good to see you

Brittany: *looks at Riley up and down* I thought you were known for blue jeans *laughs*

Riley: Blue jeans, black jeans, white jeans, I’ll wear them all. *laughs*

Riley Confessional: I’ve been here for months, and they all know me as the Jean Girl? *busts out laughing*

Charlotte: So how’s everyone doing?

Elle: I’m doing so well! Looking into expanding the Stonewood LLC!

Brittany: Elle, do you ever rest? It’s always business business business

Riley: I’m doing good, work is busy busy busy! But that’s better than the other way around. *laughs* And I’ve been having some fun too. I thought Blair’s book event was pretty fun.

Brittany: *rolls eyes* Blair…bleh

Charlotte: The book event was not fun! It was subpar. A book event with no books?

Riley: Not subpar. *chuckles* I’m sure we’ll get books

Charlotte Confessional: Blair has always been a lackey but, for her to throw a big ass book event with not a book in sight was dreadful. And upsetting! Bitch, do you know how far Twitter Estates is from the inner city?

Riley: I did expect to see the books too, but…with you girls I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. *laughs*

Charlotte: Expect the unexpected! Which is why I invited Brittany here. I know we haven’t been on the same page lately. I really want to get to the bottom of it and just be done with it.

Elle sips her champagne and looks at Brittany

Brittany: Sure. I think it’s lingered long enough. The issue really was that you were telling me how to respond to what Riley said behind my back when we’ve seen you react irately to what others have said behind your back

Brittany Confessional: Charlotte was talking to me about decorum but didn’t she threaten to choke Cassie?

Charlotte: You are correct but can I also state for the record, these girls were people we called friends. They insinuated I had a drinking problem. I just knew you were better than that at that moment. Aren’t friends supposed to see the best for you?

Brittany: When I’m mad and having a heated exchange with someone, the best thing for me is not to hear a friend tell me I’m misbehaving. I have a mother and a mother-in-law, I don’t need any additional maternal figures

Charlotte: You’re right. I apologize to you for that and I truly hope we can move forward

Brittany: I’m already moving forward. Riley *points* and I figured things out and we’re moving on from it. I can do the same with you.

Charlotte Confessional: Brittany and I started in this group together really close! I would hate to let a small disagreement tear up a really good friendship. Hopefully we can move forward in a positive direction.

Elle: *smiles and stands* On that note, Char, I wanna see the new closet!

Charlotte takes the ladies on a tour and ends up in the kitchen where they stand around the counter, talking

Elle: Woww this is a beautiful finish Char!

Riley: This kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!

Charlotte: Thank you! So, do you all know Lorenzo?

Elle: Joi’s fiancé?

Riley: Uhm…I’ve heard of him. *nervous laugh*

Brittany: Charlotte, is Lorenzo avoiding a double date with you and Doug too? *laughs*

Charlotte: Honey, *chuckles* we are still waiting for our date

Riley: I wouldn’t wait too hard, honey. *laughs*

Brittany: Lorenzo feels too busy to meet Joi’s friends, I hope he isn’t too busy for her now that he’s here in Twitter finally

Brittany Confessional: I’ve known Joi for about 4 years and a I’ve never met Lorenzo. What does that tell you?

Charlotte: He’s been out of the country. And I don’t think he’s even helping out to plan the wedding. But let’s go see the guest bedroom!

Charlotte leads the ladies into one of the bedrooms in the house and they look around

Charlotte: This bedroom has everything a guest would want! I truly love the marble flooring and walls

Elle: *gasps dramatically* OH THIS TILEWORK IS BEAUTIFUL!

Brittany: *turns to Charlotte* So what what were you trying to say in the kitchen about Lorenzo, Charlotte? You’re making me anxious with all this hesitation

Brittany Confessional: That was really odd for Charlotte to bring Lorenzo up and then just drop the conversation. I want to hear what she has to say.

Charlotte: *sighs* Do you guys feel as if he’s serious with Joi?

Riley: No. *laughs* Do YOU?

Riley Confessional: He’s never around, he’s always somewhere else; honey, let’s just say there’s word on the streets.

Charlotte: Riley, I don’t. I just don’t want my friend to be upset with me. He has a really bad reputation

Brittany: Have either of you talked to Joi about this? Riley, does Joi even like you? *laughs*

Charlotte: I have! I told her my concerns and she ensured me everything was okay. I’m just concerned

Riley: She definitely doesn’t like me. *laughs* But I have heard some things.

Elle: Riley what have you heard? *sips*

Riley: Charlotte, what have you heard? *points at Charlotte*

Charlotte: No ma’am! You speak! I do not want to touch that, honey

Riley: Well… *awkward laugh* I mean, I have heard that he might be sleeping with someone else

Elle: *looks down ashamed* She’s blonde right?

Riley: Well, uhm, I heard about someone who has dark hair.

Charlotte: Oh my lord Jesus. I don’t want to go there. I think- let’s move to the next room

Brittany: I think we should drop this conversation. Yeah, let’s find some more tile for Elle to touch

The ladies start to walk out of the guest bedroom

Brittany: Charlotte, I think you two should talk to Joi though at Calista’s party. You can’t let this fester and catch her off guard

Charlotte: Oh I will not be talking about the infidelity thing. I don’t know anything about that. I’ve already talked to Joi. Riley, you definitely should have that conversation

Riley jokingly starts running away and the scene moves to the nighttime. The cameras follow a limo, driving through the busy streets of Twitter, and inside Blair, Riley, and her boyfriend Everett are all sitting in the back

Blair, Everett, Riley

Blair: How have you been? I haven’t seen you since my book launch!

Riley: I’m doing…alright. I’m SO glad that I’m riding with you, it’s been an interesting couple of days. *laughs* How are you though?

Blair: *smiles* I’ve been doing good. The press for my book has been going good so far and I think the launch party was really successful. Besides the drama in the group, I’d say I’m in a pretty good place.

Riley: YAY, I’m so glad that the press is receiving it well! I can’t wait to read it myself.

Blair Confessional: I’ve been really busy with press for my book launch so I’ve been a bit out of the loop since my launch party. I’m excited to celebrate Calista’s engagement this evening, all on my own since Rex has had to stay behind and look after the kids. Childcare doesn’t always show up, it seems!

Riley: So, *nervous laugh* I was at Charlotte’s the other day…She was showing Elle, Brittany, and I her renovated home…but I might have opened my big mouth about something I’ve heard.

Blair: *eyes widen* What have you heard?

Riley: So, for starters, Charlotte kept alluding to Joi’s fiancée Lorenzo and things she’s heard but she wouldn’t say anything

Blair: *raises eyebrow* Really?

Riley: And, you know, well I’ve heard that he’s stepped out on Joi too…so I might have mentioned that *adjusts hair* But I didn’t tell them who I heard he’s…fooling around with. *grimaces* And now I don’t know what to do.

Blair: Wow… you’ve certainly gotten yourself into some mess!

Blair Confessional: Is it really a surprise if these rumours are true? I mean… look at Joi. No, scratch that. Have you met Joi? I’d cheat on Joi if I was even with her.

Riley: I’ve gotta learn to be less honest about the things I hear…it just comes with the territory of journalism. But, I know when I talk about this, it’s going to set the room on fire. *bites my lip* He’s sleeping with Charlotte’s daughter.

Blair: *eyes widen* WHAT?

Riley: *nervous laugh* EXACTLY!

Riley Confessional: Thank God I have Blair…she’s almost always even and level headed, so I know she’ll have advice

Blair: *shakes head* Oh, God… well, I’m not being the one to out this one but I can’t say I feel sympathy for Joi… or Charlotte really. Both of them have played games and started issues with people in this group, so really it’s about time they got a taste of their own medicine.

Riley: I know that they’ve certainly made lots of enemies in the group…I just know that they’re going to rage on my ass tonight. *laughs*

Blair: Let them! Have them be the ones that have to defend themselves for once. We’re all sick of doing it.

Blair Confessional: Joi and Charlotte are finally gonna see what it’s like when someone plays games with their lives. They’ve done it to Calista, they’ve done it to Cassie, they’ve done it to me… karma’s a bitch, right?

Riley: You know honey…honestly, you’re right. I’m just being true to me, and if they can’t take it? Fuck’em.

Blair: *nods* That’s the energy you need to go in with. Charlotte, she’s easy but Joi… she takes a bit more energy to go up against. Trust me, I’ve experienced both of them.

Riley: *giggles* Any words of wisdom as I enter the ring against the two of them?

Blair: Don’t back down. They’ll try and get into your head but don’t let them. They’ll be a unit against you and they’ll try to throw anything they can at you. You stand your ground and you’ll be fine.

Riley: Aww, thank you for the advice honey. *slides over and hugs Blair* I think I can hold my own against those two. But I do just want to thank you for your friendship these past few months since we met. I know we’re both busy and don’t talk 24/7, but I appreciate your friendship.

Blair: Aw, anytime! I value our friendship too.

Riley: Is everyone coming tonight? Like…Elle and Brittany? I feel like they haven’t been hanging out with us. I didn’t even ask them at Charlotte’s

Blair: I don’t know and I don’t care. Elle, I’m not even going to discuss her and Brittany, Brittany’s dead to me at this point.

Riley: *laughs* NOT DEAD! I understand that…it’s probably for the best since they don’t seem to wish the best for you

Blair: Brittany tried to trash my reputation and business behind my back. She’s a two-faced snake and I won’t have anything to do with her.

Riley: It’s a shame everyone can’t just uplift everyone else! Like, why is that so hard for some of these girls?

Blair: Brittany’s manipulative as hell. She’s out for herself, you’ll see it in due course. Everything in the dark comes to light and everyone reveals their true colors. You know those tables? Well, they turn.

Riley: Amen babe, you’re so right! Just know I’ve got your back. *smiles and looks out the window* Well…it looks like we’re here, you ready for this?

Blair: *nods* Let’s do this.

The scene shifts to the engagement party as guests start arriving and Calista’s party planner, Dominique, is directing her staff

Calista and Terrell walk in and look at the transformed venue

Calista & Terrell

Calista: Oh my she actually did a wonderful job! Quite a transformation from earlier today! Dominique is definitely going to get that five-star review now! *giggles*

Calista Confessional: Tonight is the night where Terrell and I get to celebrate our engagement with our family and friends and I couldn’t be more happier! I truly love him and I’m happy I can shout it from the rooftop! Since tonight is a celebration of love, I’m hoping all of the ladies can also love on their significant others and leave the drama with their momma. *laughs*

Dominique overhears Calista and goes up to her

Dominique: You’re very welcome ma dahling! I told you there’s nothing to worry about when House of Deveraùx is on the scene! Now go out and enjoy this engagement party with your man!

The cameras turn to Joi walking into the venue arm in arm with her fiancee Lorenzo

Joi & Lorenzo

Joi: Maybe we wore the wrong color. *giggles*

Lorenzo: Well, I totally listened to you.

Joi: I mean, I didn’t want to look like the bride.

Joi and Lorenzo go over to greet Calista and Terrell

Joi: Joi: Hi Calista! *looks towards Terrell* And nice to see you!

Calista: Hi Joi! Thank you so much for coming! Hopefully I’ll be invited to yours next time girl!

Joi: *laughs* Well I don’t plan to get married again after this one.

Blair, Riley, and Everett exit their limo and walk into the party together

Riley: Here we go!

Riley Confessional: After the ride over here, I think I’m ready for this engagement party…and the clusterfuck that is doomed to follow. *laughs while hiding face in hands*

Blair, Everett, Riley

Riley: Calista! Congratulations beautiful! *hugs Calista*

Calista: Awww thank you Riley! *hugs Riley* So glad you could make it tonight my friend!

Riley: You know I’m glad to be here!

Blair: *hugs Calista* You look beautiful!

Calista: I’m so glad you could make it bestie!!

Cassie and her husband Thomas walk into the event followed by Charlotte a few minutes later

Cassie & Thomas

Cassie Confessional: I’m here to support Calista! I hope today goes much smoother than Blair’s event; especially after I’ve made up with Joi and we’ve put our issues in the past. I know Juniper knows how to act in public — but the resident alcoholic is sure to do something problematic!


Charlotte: This is beautiful. Calista did her thing!

Cassie: *waves at the rest of the girls* Everyone is so gorgeous! Char good to see you in a nice bright pink color!

Charlotte: You look beautiful as well Cassie. You all look beautiful!

Calista: Awww thank you Charlotte! I’m LOVING the pink! It really suits you! I may need you to officiate the wedding in this! *giggles*

Charlotte: You know I will!! This is so beautiful, Calista!

Calista Confessional: I wanted to make Charlotte feel very special but I think she would honestly make a good flower girl. Most definitely.

The cameras flip to Brittany and Wyatt walk in holding hands

Brittany & Wyatt

Brittany Confessional: I’m really not sure what to expect tonight but I’m ready for whatever they choose to throw my way this time

They walk over to Terrell and greet him, thanking him for the invitation

Brittany: And congratulations, you’ve really got someone…special *smiles*

Calista: *sees Brittany and approaches her* Hello Juniper Reese! I’m glad you could come with my favorite man Wyatt this evening! You know he’s my favorite! *hugs Wyatt*

Brittany: *smiles* I definitely know how you like them!

The party continues as drinks are flowing and people are mingling. Charlotte walks over by Joi and hugs her

Charlotte: Hey boo. You look nice.

Joi: Hey girl, I haven’t heard nor seen you!

Charlotte: Well- it’s a reason for that. We’ll talk later though.

Charlotte Confessional: Listen, a few of these ladies have things they have to work out. I do feel Riley wanted to ambush me with that information the other day and I won’t let her play the game of telephone with me and my friend.

Charlotte: Where’s Lorenzo?

Joi: *looks puzzled* Lorenzo’s over there mingling with some body, honey.

Charlotte: I saw you two walking! Wanted to say hi. I’ll catch up with him later. Can we sit? Mama is tired.

Joi and Charlotte sit while the cameras turn to Riley, Cassie, and Blair at the bar

Cassie: Hey babe, I just wanted to apologize to you for everything that happened at your signing. I wasn’t meaning to cause a scene with Charlotte and Joi.

Blair: *smiles* Oh, you don’t need to apologize to me, Cassie, honestly. I don’t blame you at all. Charlotte and Joi, I expect that sort of behavior from them.

Blair Confessional: Clearly Charlotte and Joi are confused about what success looks like and when they saw it at my book launch, they weren’t happy. Not my problem. *smiles*

Cassie: *laughs* Well funny enough, I met up with Joi for breakfast and we are moving on from our issues.

Riley: *laughs awkwardly* Oh…that’s good for you two.

Blair: Well, that’s something I suppose. Progress is progress after all.

Cassie: I just want peace — Brittany hurt me, and my husband and I are thinking about potentially bringing a baby in the mix. I need no stress! *laughs*

Riley: So, speaking of that Cassie, can I ask a question about something? I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve gotten to chat.

Cassie: Sure Riley, what’s going on?

Riley: I was just confused what happened with you and Brittany honestly. *laughs* I thought you were good when we left Paris, and then all of a sudden, she’s inviting me out and I’m hearing that you think it was her that shared your photos with the other two. I was like wh —

Riley is interrupted as Dominique clinks her glass and addresses the guests

Dominique: Ladies and gentlemen can I have your attention please? I believe the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. would like to say a few words. Please limit it to 2 minutes. Thank you. Time is money lovebirds.

Terrell: We don’t want to hold you guys up for you long but Calista and I wanted to thank you all for coming out and celebrating us tonight. I know all of this might’ve come as a shock to many of you as we’ve most definitely been a hot topic of conversation these past few months, but I am happy with this lady right here. She’s gonna be mine’s always and forever. *gives Calista a kiss*

Calista: And you see he clearly loves me! *laughs and flashes engagement ring* I honestly don’t believe I would be here without Terrell because he truly makes me feel loved and appreciated and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. With that being said, we thank you all for coming out tonight, and let’s enjoy the rest of the night!

The guests including all the ladies clap and applaud as the conversation turns back to Riley, Cassie, and Blair at the bar

Cassie: Well, after speaking to Calista and Blair about the situation and realizing that Brittany is one of the only women who knew me back then I put two and two together. And Blair you don’t know this, but when I was clearing the air with Joi…she shared that one of her friends told her about the situation, and someone who knew told them directly…it just still all points back to Brittany.

Blair: *shakes head* Why am I not surprised? It always comes back to her somehow.

Riley: Oh wow. *nods* I get that I guess…I was just curious since when I came into the circle, you two were the best of friends. So I was just…stunned to say the least

Cassie: Yeah I thought she was my best friend, but the cameras changed her and our friendship.

Cassie Confessional: It’s sad what happened between Juniper and I, but I’m the same person I was before the fame. She’s the one who has changed.

Riley: That’s such a shame. I’m sorry Cassie.

Cassie: It’s okay Riley. Thanks for checking in with me. *smiles*

Calista and Terrell are seen taking photos before Calista walks over to Joi, Charlotte, and Brittany

Calista: I truly just want to thank you all again for coming and I’m glad there’s no drama! *laughs*

Joi: We’re behaving!

Charlotte: We are behaving tonight!

Brittany: I always behave. It’s you two that always need someone to hold you back

Calista: Well…

Joi: Don’t do that Britt! I never leap like Charlotte

Brittany: And that’s why she goes to that chiropractor now

Joi: *laughs and high Brittany* Whew honey

Charlotte: My body can’t jump like normal!

Brittany: *turns to Charlotte* Did you talk to Joi about your concerns?

Joi: Concerns?

Charlotte: Ummm well Joi… remember our conversation the other week about the wedding?

Joi: I do

Charlotte: I’m sorry- my heart is beating super fast.

Joi: Are you having a heart attack?

Brittany: *blinks at Charlotte* Don’t have a heart attack please

Brittany Confessional: We’re baller wives, not doctor wives. We don’t know how to help you when your heart stops

Charlotte: Well, I had a conversation with some of the ladies the other day and basically, there were more concerns brought up.

Joi: Oh really?

Charlotte: One person in specific had firsthand knowledge they say

Joi: *looks puzzled* Oh-

Brittany: Riley doesn’t matter right now, talk to her about your concerns Charlotte

Charlotte: I feel Lorenzo isn’t capable of commitment. I’ve already said that to Joi.

Joi: So, are these your concerns or those of Riley?

Charlotte: These are mine! I’ve already told you this. Riley’s concerns are worse

Calista with Cassie, Blair, and Riley come over to the other group as they’re talking; Calista asks to take a group photo but Charlotte and Joi ignore her

Charlotte: *looks at Riley* And here she is. She can tell you hers.

Joi: Okay, so Riley what are the concerns you share about my fiancé?

Cassie: *turns head towards Riley* Woahh what

Brittany: Can we take the picture first?

Joi: I don’t know if I’ll want to be in the picture with some of these women after I hear what she has to say, Brittany.

Riley: Oh, these are not my concerns, let’s be VERY clear *laughs* I don’t give a fuck about your fiancée. Charlotte brought him up. I just shared what I heard.

Cassie: Well I didn’t see this coming! *laughs and smirks*

Cassie Confessional: Charlotte ruining her last relationship in the group? Didn’t have that on my 2022 bingo card!

Charlotte: Oh Riley please. You know exactly how that conversation happened. Don’t do the lying again.

Calista: Ladies what is going on?

Calista Confessional: I tried bringing the ladies together for a group photo and I think I might’ve started World War 3 instead. What the hell is happening?

Riley: Brittany was there, don’t do it Charlotte. She knows who brought Joi up! You can’t lie your way out of this one.

Joi: So, somebody needs to own up to what was said and not backpedal now

Riley: I’ll be very clear with you, Joi. I’ve heard Lorenzo is cheating on you. No backpedaling here. That’s Charlotte Robinson, clearly.

Joi: We hear things all the time. If you don’t know what the hell my man is doing for sure don’t speak on it!

Charlotte: And you were gonna sit up here with yo ripped jeans and lie on me. Wow. *sits backs*

Riley: I’m not lying! I heard Lorenzo is sleeping with YOUR DAUGHTER, Charlotte. So shut the fuck up with that.

The ladies gasp

Brittany: OH MY GOD *jumps into Calista’s arms* Oh my goodness

Cassie: Wait — oh my god

Charlotte: Oh bitch, you just messed up

Riley: No, I didn’t. *smiles* You got caught in your bullshit and I’m being honest.

Joi: I know you’re a blogger of whatever, but please don’t spew false lies

Charlotte: Riley, you are a low down dirty bitch. Let me help you out.

Riley: I’m not going anywhere. *laughs* So keep those hands off me, Mrs. Robinson.

Charlotte: Now you may have lied to get in the group, I had one bitch checked- I’ll have you in the unemployment like tomorrow.

Riley: *laughs* Oh, I’m so scared of the Queen of Basketball with her crooked crown. Try harder, Charlotte, you don’t scare me.

Joi: This is disgusting and speaks to who you are as a person Riley

Blair: *shakes head* Oh, God, what hypocrites.

Calista: Okay ladies this is about my engagement and love

Charlotte: I’m leaving

Brittany: Why are you leaving?

Charlotte: If I don’t, I’ll have this liar tied up by her ripped jeans

Blair Confessional: Charlotte thinks she’s all macho and mafia with these threats of physicality that she throws about but… no. Just… no.

Riley: Please Charlotte. You don’t scare me, I’m not 5ft2 Cassie. Sit down. You can’t handle the facts.

Charlotte: Facts?! What facts? That you are a liar? You lied on Brittany!! You lie really bad. I don’t have to scare you. Your husband does that pretty well

Riley: I’m not even married! *laughs* Did you even know me at all? Clearly not.

Joi: Let me make this clear to every woman standing around! NO BITCH can talk about me and my man. If my man has a child or another woman, I do what the hell I want! Fuck you all for thinking that and spewing those false lies! *to Riley* You’re over here dressed like dominatrix, playing with my man’s name and *looks at Charlotte* you are pretending to be my friend when you’ve been sitting discussing me with people I don’t even fully get along with. Keep my name and his name out of your mouths! Fuck all of you

Cassie: Joi! I didn’t know any of this!

Charlotte: Joi! These are lies!

Calista Confessional: I’m so confused about what’s going on but luckily this isn’t affecting me on my special day.

Joi leaves the group and walks over to her fiancee, Lorenzo

Joi: Let’s go before I slap some of them hoes over there

Lorenzo: Joi! What’s happening?

Joi: They’re saying you’re cheating and sleeping with some other bitch.

Lorenzo: Oh naww, fuck that.

Lorenzo walks over to the group as Joi trails behind

Joi: Lorenzo: Who stated that I was sleeping with another girl?

Charlotte: Riley. The liar.

Brittany: Lorenzo, don’t get aggressive with the women

Joi: Lorenzo: Look here little girl, it’s not true at all and until you get a relationship to know what commitment looks like, then you can go around talking about people’s lives on whatever platform you talk about them on. You stay looking on from the sideline.

Blair: *raises eyebrow* Little girl? Don’t talk to her like that.

Riley: *laughs* Okay, got it asshole. Back the fuck up. I’m not the only person in that room that said you were cheating, I’m the only one saying it with my chest. I heard that shit. *shrugs* No shop

Lorenzo: Let’s go, Joi. These ladies are not your friends.

Thomas (Cassie’s husband): Lorenzo my guy, let’s take a walk.

Cassie: Thomas don’t get involved just stand here. Let them go.

Lorenzo ignores Thomas and Joi and him storm out of the venue

Brittany Confessional: Lorenzo came over with his chest out, barking at Riley and all of us like we owed him something. I know he’s the one in question but there’s a way to talk to women that isn’t so derogatory.

Brittany: *turns to Riley* Are you okay?

Riley: *laughs* He doesn’t scare me. Thanks for asking though hun. The kind of man that speaks to a woman that way is the exact kind that cheats though. *smiles*

Blair: *shakes head* Joi’s so wrong for this.

Riley Confessional: What kind of bitch brings her man over to scream at someone? *laughs* Pathetic losers, the both of them.

Calista: Let me go check on Joi since I did invite her here.

Brittany: I’ll come with you

Calista and Brittany walk outside as Joi is talking with the producers of the show

Joi: Fuck all of them! Charlotte, Riley, Brittany, Blair and whoever the fuck else! This was a setup to ruin my engagement. None of them are my friends. Get this shit off of me

Calista: Joi are you okay?

Calista Confessional: I’m outside with Joi and I see her screaming at production and tossing her microphone on the ground. Listen, I get that sometimes you have your breaking point but she also did poke fun of Blair doing it in Paris.

Joi: Calista, no one in there is loyal! For that desperate little girl to sit and lie on my man! And then for no one to have my back. I’ve had Charlotte’s back, Brittany’s back, but it seems as they were the ones she was getting the information from

Brittany: I truly didn’t know that information, Joi. I was shocked but Charlotte should’ve been forthcoming about her thoughts.

Joi doesn’t acknowledge Brittany and keeps ranting

Joi: So now that they sit and act like they didn’t know is beyond me! She came with a vendetta and she was aided by those two. Brittany you literally asked Charlotte about the concerns and Charlotte and Riley stated them.

Brittany: *looks at Joi* You’re doing the same thing to me that you accused me of d- wow, really classy, Joi.

Calista: I’m honestly confused about everything that has gone down but I don’t want you to leave here angry. This was supposed to be a celebration.

Joi: I’m done, Calista.

Joi Confessional: I am absolutely in shock right now. No one in this group is loyal and it shows. I am at a loss for words. I see I only have Lorenzo and my family because this *does circular motion* is not it.

Joi speeds off in her car and Calista and Brittany head back inside the venue

Calista: Can we take the group photo now? All of this has taken away my time with Terrell so let’s make it quick. *laughs*

Blair: *raises arms* Yes! Lez do it! *giggles*

Riley: Let’s take the picture! *laughs*

The remaining girls pose for a group picture and the season ends

Thank you all so so much for tuning into this season of Baller Wives! We’re so glad to have picked up this AMAZING show here at the Andy Network, and as Andy I’d like to personally thank the cast and my co-producer, Christina, for all the work they do!

We can’t wait to give you more Baller Wives as Season 3 returns this Summer!!



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