[S2 E9]: Baller Wives: Twitter

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29 min readMar 14, 2023


The episode begins as a black screen flashes across the screen and only audio is heard

Blair: Fucking over this shit!

Blair is seen walking off the dinner cruise from the night before in a huff and yelling at producers; only her mic is heard from here on out

Blair: Get this mic off me. I’m not doing this tonight. They don’t want it. *grabs mic* Have this back.

Blair takes off her mic and throws it at a producer as the other ladies are about to disembark and the scene transitions to…

Cassie and Calista are seen walking down the hallway of the hotel to Blair’s room; they knock on the door

Cassie & Calista

Cassie: Blair! Are you awake?

Calista Confessional: Cassie and I are checking on Blair this morning because her outburst last night was unusual. Blair is usually cool, calm, and collected and I can’t believe those bitches got her to snap. As a precaution, I am wearing my tennis shoes just in-case we need to make a quick exit. *laughs*

Calista: I hope she opens the door.

Blair comes to the door and opens it


Blair: Hey, girls. Come in.

Calista: Oh you look really pretty Blair!

Cassie: Yes!! Stunning as always — hey babe, how are you doing? *sits on the corner of the bed*

Blair: *sits down on bed* Thank you… *lets out a big sigh* I don’t know, last night is just a blur right now.

Blair Confessional: I can’t exactly remember what happened on the boat last night but I do remember that I got mad and that I took my mic off. I don’t know what drove me to that point and I may never know. What’s most important is that I didn’t lash out at anyone in the group. Unlike some, I have the decency and self-control to walk away from potential confrontation.

Calista: Well some of us are concerned because that wasn’t like you…

Cassie: What happened?

Blair: *sighs* I don’t know what happened. I just felt so on edge… like I was about to snap. I agree, it’s not like me at all but it’s just some people in this group were getting on my nerves and I just… snapped. I needed to get out.

Cassie: *nods* I get it — some of these girls are so vindictive and mean spirited. Don’t let them get to you babe

Calista: I hate that some of those ladies got you to that point. I mean even if you slapped them, what were they going to do? Sue you? *laughs*

Blair: *laughs* They couldn’t afford to sue me, not that I would hit anyone. I’ve never done that in my life. The last thing I remember was…we left the boat and I had ripped my mic off. I wanted to get out of there, I got back here and I… crashed, yeah that’s what I remember.

Cassie: What instance made you snap? Did someone do something to you? Tell me because I was so caught up in my own shit that I missed what happened with you.

Cassie Confessional: I want to know who is causing my friend this stress. On the yacht I was so busy trying to address the two elephants in the room that I missed most of Blair’s issue.

Blair: I don’t know what it was specifically. Everyone was just jabbing at each other, Joi was saying things, Elle then tried to target me in front of everyone and I just hit breaking point. I’m not the type of person that deals with confrontation easily, so I knew I had to walk away. I had to get out.

Calista: Elle? There was so much going on but I remember her trying to pass out business. I will say keep your eye out on her because she seems like a little sniper from the side with her commentary at times.

Cassie: Elle targeted you? What’s up with that? Whose friend is she here? She’s a cool girl but like — doesn’t she have friends? She never was in our circle before she watched the show and came in with pre-conceived notions of all of us. She hated me on her Reality of Roleplay show!

Blair: I agree. I don’t like her attitude, it’s very superior and I’m better than you. I don’t like women like that.

Calista: Well Brittany is her friend…

Blair: I don’t trust Brittany as far as I can throw her, I know that for certain. Can I tell you both something?

Cassie: Yeah, go on. I’m starting to be iffy again with Brittany if she’s bringing in people to cause issues. I’ve already addressed her multiple times about the stuff that points back to her.

Blair: *leans in* Okay, so I only got intel about this a couple of days before we left to come here but I had my suspicions. Brittany and I had made amends, right?

Cassie and Calista nod

Blair: Well, a mutual friend and associate we share told me a few days ago that Brittany has been going around talking bad about me. This is of no surprise to me, I had my suspicions but it really confirms it now.

Blair Confessional: Brittany is a snake. 100% a slithering, serpent snake. She thinks she can go around talking about me behind my back and I won’t find out? She’s wrong. The thing I’ve learned about living in Twitter, keep your ears to the ground and boy have I been doing that.

Cassie: *puts head in hand* I’m really starting to question Brittany. Brittany was the only girl in this group who knew about my alias and playboy shoot and suddenly these girls are gossiping about it? And she’s doing shit to you. Maybe I don’t know Brittany as well as I thought I did?

Calista: Brittany and I are in a weird place. We aren’t really interacting with each other so if she is speaking bad about you, it wouldn’t surprise me. She’s changed from the girl I knew.

Cassie: There’s definitely been a change

Blair: I’d say she’s behind a lot of the toxicity and drama that’s going on in this group. She throws grenades and hides her hands. That is not a good person or a friend.

Cassie: This stresses me out girls — a part of me feels I should talk to her and lay all of this out on the table but another part I just don’t know if I’m comfortable doing it one on one.

Cassie Confessional: I don’t know if Brittany was ultimately behind Joi and Charlotte getting ahold of my nude photos. She certainly was the only person in this group who knew me when I was posing nude so it leaves me with a lot of questions. If she is doing to me what she is allegedly doing to Blair — she could be a mastermind of all the evil deeds within this group.

Calista: I would love to speak with her. I have nothing to lose with her at this point. *laughs*

Blair: I don’t need a conversation with her. At this point, I see who she is and that’s enough for me. Her talking bad about me just highlights how much of an insecure person she really is.

Cassie: *laughs* Well girls, there’s a lot of things for us to unpack…

Blair: Indeed, there is. Everything in the dark comes to light eventually…

Calista: The evil will be defeated.

Calista Confessional: In this group, you never know whose a friend or foe but that’s just the life of being a Baller Wife.

The scene moves to the buzzing center of Paris as Charlotte, Brittany, Riley, Elle, and Joi arrive at a breakfast spot

Charlotte, Brittany, Riley, Elle, Joi

Charlotte: Yesss!! This is beautiful!!

Brittany looks at Charlotte, slightly smiling as the ladies are escorted to a table and they sit down

Riley Confessional: If I wasn’t hungry, you couldn’t pick a more awkward group to spend my morning with. *laughs* But let’s get a croissant and see how this goes

Elle: I have a feeling I’m going to need bubbles this morning girls!

Riley: Make that two glasses, I could definitely use champagne for this. *laughs and looks at Joi* Morning Joi

Joi: *waves at Riley* Hi

Elle: Care for a mimosa before y’all talk?

Joi: Absolutely!

Brittany: Pour me up friend!

Charlotte: So how did everyone sleep last night?

Brittany: The better question is where did the two of you sleep

Charlotte: I got another house. That funeral home decor wasn’t cutting it

Elle: I was terrified Blair was going to come go all witch trials on me!

Brittany: She was definitely in rare form last night, like she was having a psychotic break

Elle: She was acting crazy Brit.

Brittany: How do you all feel about last night? *looks to Charlotte and Joi*

Charlotte: It was horrible. The fact that they even thought that was okay was utterly disgusting.

Brittany Confessional: I’m surprised Charlotte is responding so well considering how upset she seems to be when I’m in her presence. Hopefully, this is a step in a positive direction

Joi: I think it was a big shit show…

Riley: Well we all agree it was a shit show at least. *sips mimosa*

Joi: I’m not sure how that transpired into something so major and unnecessary *looks at Riley*

Riley: I told Cassie when we all went out shopping that something was being said, but I never said who I heard it from so I really don’t know what set her off that way. But you did tell me that there were nude photos out about her, that’s the truth *brushes hair out of face*

Charlotte: I’m so disappointed in you Riley. *points at Riley*

Brittany: What did Riley do?

Riley: Then be disappointed I guess. *shrugs* But if you aren’t comfortable with your words being spread, don’t say them.

Joi: I was shocked you even went and chatted with Cassie after she threw you under the bus with Brittany

Riley: And we talked about that too, Joi. Conversations can fix things sometimes

Charlotte: Riley, really?!? Are you seriously saying that? ESPECIALLY after you just got outted for being a fake bitch at the Pinkalicious party

Elle: Char chill. It’s 8:30 AM

Charlotte: I’m sorry. Not bitch.

Riley: Charlotte, are you seriously saying this? I love you, I’ve had such fun with you. I simply said what I heard.

Charlotte: You’re right. I’m just angry

Brittany: Angry about what, exactly?

Charlotte: I’m just hurt you would do that. I, we trusted you. It wasn’t malicious. But Cassie just took it there.

Joi: Cassie is a conniving bitch, I’m sorry.

Joi Confessional: I don’t understand Cassie. She’s truly unhinged and not loyal to any extent.

Riley: I don’t think it was malicious from you, Charlotte. I really don’t. But I do think when someone’s nudes are being discussed, they deserve to hear that at least

Brittany: Charlotte, did you start the rumor about Cassie’s nude photos?

Joi: I spoke about them. *raises hands*

Elle looks confused

Joi: They aren’t rumors. It is what it is. They’re on the World Wide Web!

Charlotte Confessional: I didn’t want to say it was Joi who originated the rumor but, I’m glad she’s women enough. Unlike some others.

Brittany: What could’ve prompted you to talk about that? Are you just trying to get back at Cassie?

Joi: If you want to view it that way, but I believe it’s important to remind her that her past isn’t squeaky clean. I’m sure we’ve all done things we might not want to always speak about. However, she walks in on her high horse every time we’re together and talk like she’s the boss of this circle. She’s no boss. She’s doesn’t uplift women. None of that

Elle: I don’t think it’s fair to say she doesn’t uplift women. I get what you mean about her having an air about her but I don’t think saying she’s not a feminist is ok.

Joi: Am I saying that?

Elle: Did…did you not just… *looks around*

Joi Confessional: Elle has a habit of misconstruing things. Not quite sure what that’s about. Maybe the blonde?

Brittany: *puts head in hands* We’re not having fun any more girls! All this fighting turns into more fighting and we’re almost at a point of no return with each other!

Joi: Brittany…I’ve tried with Cassie. I’ve tried with all three of them. They’re the issues. Did you not realize when Cassie didn’t show up that time, we had a great night?

Brittany: I’m not here to talk poorly about my best friend. As a whole, last night was not positive and the fault turns back to you Joi because this came from you. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. Riley would not have had anything to say if she never heard it from the two of you

Riley: *eyes widen* Oh well, thank you Brittany

Joi: Let it be my fault then. I will continue to take the blame for all the issues going on within the group and sit back and allow certain women to continue antagonizing

Elle: No thats not what she’s saying. I think she means this specific instance

Joi: *sips mimosa* Whatever it is, I’m not a big fan of hearing it right now

Riley: That’s not what anybody’s saying at all. But you said this shit. Not me, not Charlotte, not nobody started this story going around the group except for you

Joi: I know just like you know I spoke about it heifer! I could care less if you didn’t or did know. You just flow whichever way the wind flows to better protect your status within this group! I’m sure conversations can fix things, but for you to go and say let me sit down with Cassie and make amends with her so I can tell her what the other ladies have been saying is just fake and phony to me. Whatever.

Brittany: Woah Joi…

Riley: That’s not how it happened, but there’s clearly no forgiveness in you at all, so you don’t understand how that works.

Brittany: You know what, this is low vibrations and I can’t continue to be a part of this

Brittany gets up and throws her napkin down on the table before walking out of the restaurant

Brittany Confessional: Joi is going to learn the hard way that she’s choosing to play on the losing team. Cognac and overpriced candles will only take you so far.

Joi: I don’t want to be apart of this. I need a break

Joi gets up to leave and Charlotte follows her, leaving Elle and Riley at the table

Elle: Oh…and then there were 2

The scene turns to an office space in Paris where Cassie and her business partner, Robin, are giving a presentation to investors

Cassie Confessional: The Carlisle Company is growing faster than ever and as part of our global expansion plan, my Vice President of Global Marketing and I have prepared a meeting with potential investors where we will be pitching a Carlisle Company expansion in Paris, France.

Robin: With projected sales of 4.2 billion in quartile 4 in 2024, the Carlisle Company is projected to be the #1 company for cosmetics in the next two years.

Cassie: Your investment in the Carlisle Company will certainly be a lucrative investment for years to come!

The investors clap

Cassie: Now, if you all have any questions, Robin and I would be happy to address them at this time.

Investor 1: Excellent presentation. I do have one question though — with your sudden burst into the reality television world; how do you expect this to impact your business?

Cassie: *nods* Well thankfully sales have consistently grown through the exposure on the platform.

Investor 2: Do you fear what could happen to your company if this new reality television world showed you in a not so good light?

Cassie: Well — authenticity is a core value of the Carlisle Company. I show up as my authentic self and encourage our customers and employees to do the same. I don’t expect a negative impact to my brand based on me showing up as my authentic self.

Cassie Confessional: It doesn’t surprise me that some investors are skeptical about investing in the Carlisle Company due to the spotlight on me. It’s certainly something my husband and I have discussed; but for now I don’t see it being a bad thing for business.

Robin: Okay our time today is up, if you have further questions please reach out for further conversations! We appreciate you all!

The cameras fade and move to Riley, Blair, and Charlotte walking into a dark room with a runway and pink flourescent lights

Riley, Blair, Charlotte

Riley: Wow, this is nice!

Riley Confessional: Well, the one bright spot of breakfast? I got to chat a get to know Elle a bit, and she invited me to come get a sneak peek at her Paris expansion. It’s time to have some fucking fun on this trip! *laughs*

Blair: It’s… interesting, I suppose. What’s she trying to go for?

Riley: I’m not really sure what Love Stonewood is either honestly, Blair. *soft giggle*

Charlotte: *stands awkwardly* You two look lovely.

Blair: Thank you, Charlotte. You look your usual, I like it.

Charlotte Confessional: I am super excited to support Elle with her expansion!! Although, I am SO disappointed in Riley right now. Blair and I are cool but, I feel she’s a two faced lady sometimes.

Riley: Thanks Charlotte. *smiles* I love your..your uh jacket. It’s very nice.

Charlotte: Thank you.

Blair Confessional: It’s hard to compliment Charlotte’s fashion sense sometimes because, well… she has none. It’s pretty much the same all the time. *shrugs shoulders*

Riley: So Charlotte, have you had time to calm down a bit since our breakfast?

Charlotte: I am very calm. Have you thought about your wrongdoings?

Blair: *looks between Charlotte and Riley* What happened?

Riley: She and Joi were a bit upset that I had shared what I heard with Cassie. Being honest isn’t doing something wrong, Char. I’m sorry. It was said.

Charlotte: It seemed very messy and very busy miss ma’am. I defended you when these ladies were attacking you at the pink party. I’m hurt.

Riley: It didn’t because you weren’t there. But you don’t seem to like to listen to facts either. I’ve been very clear

Charlotte: Ok Riley. I apologize for bringing the conversation up to her. I definitely think you are a very fun and sweet girl. I hope we can move on fairly quickly.

Riley: I’ve had a lot of fun with you, I think you’re a great time, but I did tell someone a rumor I heard about them. Those are the facts Charlotte. I’m sorry if revealing that to her hurt you, but I will not apologize for telling her.

Charlotte: And I don’t expect you to apologize. I probably overreacted a little. I was wanting to be vindictive and you wasn’t having it! Thank you for your honesty.

Charlotte Confessional: As much as I want to hate Riley, I can’t. What else can you expect from a woman who wears jeans to an event?

Riley: I appreciate you hearing me out today. Joi on the other hand? I’m not so sure about her anymore though. *laughs*

Blair: *sighs* Joi, Joi, Joi… *chuckles*

Charlotte: I truly think Joi just rides for her friends hard. If you get her alone and just talk, I’m pretty sure she will come around.

Riley: She’ll come around? Maybe she should hope I do after the way she’s spoken to me!

Riley Confessional: Where is Elle? Can we stop the arguing and get to the peeking? *laughs*

Charlotte: That was horrible. How did that even get to that point?

Riley: Because she’s unwilling to listen to anything that doesn’t suit her tune *smiles*

Charlotte: I’ll be right back

Charlotte walks over to the event director

Charlotte: May my friends and I see a few things for this event? We didn’t come all this way for nothing.

Charlotte Confessional: Now Elle, this is so unprofessional. What if we wanted to donate or invest into your brand? Oh, my money coins will stay in my clutched purse.

The cameras return to Riley and Blair talking

Riley: *turns to Blair* How was your morning by the way? I haven’t even had the chance to ask.

Blair: *sighs* It was an interesting morning. Last night, things obviously got too much for me but I’m feeling much better today. I had quite the enlightening talk with Calista and Cassie, to be honest.

Riley: Yeah, last night did seem to get quite..chaotic. *nervous laugh* I’m glad you’re feeling good today! *smiles*

Out of nowhere, Elle runs in frantically and screams at her glam team coming in behind her


Elle: Sorry girls!

Charlotte: Well hello!!

Blair: *disapprovingly* Where have you been?

Elle: I got caught up in meetings I’m so sorry you guys!

Blair Confessional: It’s so rude to invite people somewhere and show up nearly half-an-hour late. Elle’s doing nothing to improve my impressions so far of her.

Blair: *paints on a fake smile* Oh, well you’re here now!

Riley: Hi Elle! *smiles*

Elle: Hi Riley! Hi Char! Thanks for waiting girls. Care to see the new collection?

Charlotte: I just spoke with your director. I was going to do an unofficial unofficial peek. I’m super excited to see the collection.

Riley: I would love to see the collection. We all would!

Charlotte: What is it specifically?

Elle: It’s my fall/winter line for the season! THOMAS! Send out the MODELS!

Models are showm walking down the runway in all different winter colors with pink included in each look

Riley: Wow! Those were definitely great outfits. *smiles* I’m sure I’ll buy a few

Riley Confessional: It’s beautiful…but it’s quite pink for my taste. *chuckles* But it’s beautiful for those that are pro-pink!

Blair: *nods* Impressive.

Charlotte: These are beautiful. We know exactly what your favorite color is. *laughs*

Elle: Really???! Oh my gosh I was worried people wouldn’t like so much pink!

Charlotte: No! I think it’s beautiful. Honestly!

Elle: Oh thank you ladies so much!

Riley: I’m sure that took a lot of hard work. *grins* Bravo!

Charlotte: How do you feel about the official event? Are you nervous?

Elle: It’s been a long summers worth of designing and picking out pieces and making sure that I make all the right connections so I’m INCREDIBLY nervous! And adding all you ladies in the mix doesn’t exactly calm my nerves!

Blair: We’re not that bad, come on…

Elle: No of course not Blair! Sorry bad joke!

Blair Confessional: At this point, I have one thing to say to Elle and her snide comments… don’t be fucking rude!

Elle: Well girls I’m super ecstatic for you all to see the drop tonight! I mean attend the party!

Charlotte: Yess! I just know it’s going to be amazing. We will try to make sure everyone comes with a positive attitude.

Riley: We will be there with bells on!

The scene shifts from the runway to a winery in the middle of Paris. Calista is seen arriving and sitting down at a table, waiting for the other ladies

Calista Confessional: Surprisingly I’m meeting up with Joi and Brittany for a little wine date. This is the first time I’ll really have a one on one with them both. Hopefully it goes smoothly but we’re talking about Brittany Slay & Joi here…


Calista calls over the server

Calista: Um yes, can we have some cheese and crackers please? Merci!

Brittany walks in texting on her phone before she spots Calista


Brittany: Sorry, Wyatt was texting me. *sits down*

Calista: Oh hi! I asked the server if he could give us some crackers and cheese while we try the wine.

Brittany: That sounds good…

An awkward silence ensues between the two women as Joi is seen walking in


Joi: Well hello ladies

Joi Confessional: I can’t believe I’ve opted to attend a meet up with Calista. No wonder I was late

Brittany: I’m so glad you could join us. Have a seat, we were going to have some crackers and cheese or whatever Calista ordered

Joi sits down

Calista: You know we’re not on your time Miss Joi! Time is money and time is precious over here!

Joi: I felt you could wait on me for a minute, Calista

Calista Confessional: Her ass is big so I’ll give her a pass. The cars here aren’t meant for things of that capacity.

Brittany: While we’re all here, maybe we can get down to what’s causing so much division between us

Brittany Confessional: I haven’t talked with Calista really at all since Cassie’s launch party, quite some time ago. Of course, when Joi and I talked this morning, things got tense so maybe we do need this moment.

Joi: I think Calista is just out to get me. She doesn’t want to be on good terms, in my opinion.

Calista: *ignores Joi and looks at Brittany* Well it’s no secret that we don’t get on. I felt betrayed by you last season Brittany and it’s clear Joi and I don’t like each other. Since I’ve known you Brittany, I feel you’ve changed

Brittany: How have I changed? I think you just want to hold on to any reason you have to hate me, especially if social media is on your side

Calista: I kinda feel you’re a little sniper from the side these days. The Juniper I know was a nice girl. You poked at me about my marriage when it was clear I wasn’t comfortable about the situation. And yes, I can admit I’ve done things to you on social media. Absolutely.

Brittany: And you let social media dictate your relationships. Big Bank Calista, like who is that? Are you a rapper?

Calista: I mean do you want to talk about Brittany Slay? *starts to snap* The chick that was riding on Flo Rida back in the day I mean come on. *laughs*

Brittany: That’s all you seem to talk about. Brittany and Flo Rida, maybe if you lived honestly you’d have fun memories to look back on from your early 20s too

Brittany Confessional: Calista chose to get married young, have babies young, and spend her youth chained. I didn’t. That’s really what our issue is about- envy.

Calista: See Brittany…that’s what I’m talking about. What I said was clearly a joke but I see you’re very sensitive about the situation. You laugh at the expense of others which is what you’ve done with Cassie

Brittany: *looks shocked* What I did to Cassie? I haven’t done anything to Cassie but be a friend.

Calista: Well you were the only one who knew about her “nude pictures” so clearly you told Joi and Charlotte…

Joi: *looks* Brittany didn’t tell us anything

Brittany: That’s a lie! You’re not going to put that on me! *puts finger in Calista’s face* You walk that back right now! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

Calista slides back a little in her chair

Calista: Oh wow. Are you serious?

Brittany: No, are YOU serious? That was low and you just accused me of spreading MY BEST FRIENDS’s nudes from a dark time in her life. Do you understand how damaging and offensive that is?

Calista: Cassie said you were the only one who knew about her nude pictures and no offense to you Joi or Charlotte but I don’t think they would find access to that easily…I didn’t say you spread them. Perhaps you shared it with them and they wanted to use it against Cassie as ammunition.

Joi: They’re on the World Wide Web! It’s not a secret

Calista: I didn’t know she had nude photos…

Joi: People talk. People know about Cassie and her past.

Brittany: *scoffs* Is this you getting back at me, Calista? Are you still upset about me asking if you and Jamal had an arrangement in your marriage? Is that it?

Calista: Absolutely not! Absolutely not! Cassie also has her suspicions so I’m giving you the opportunity to explain yourself.

Calista Confessional: Am I getting back at Brittany? No I’m not. What purpose would that serve me? If I wanted to get back at Brittany, I would do so in different ways.

Brittany: I’m sure you put this bug in her ear

Calista: Cassie is a smart lady and she makes her own decisions. Just like your a smart lady and instead of remaining as such, you decided to put your finger in my face. I would never try and fight you Brittany.

Brittany Confessional: Look, Cassie and I have been friends for over a decade. I’ve supported her to overcome her addiction, launch her business, and take on the world. I even recommended her to be on this platform! I have way more to lose than gain from doing something as nasty as showing her ENEMIES nude photographs of her.

Brittany: Calista, you need a reality check. Tell those people they can keep my glass of wine. I don’t even want to be in your presence.

Joi: *throws hands up and sits back* Lord

Brittany grabs her purse and walks away from the table

Joi Confessional: Maybe if I didn’t come, they would’ve actually made contact. Better late than never! *laughs*

Calista: I mean at least you wasn’t you and I this time. *laughs*

Joi: Well, never thought it’d be you and I sitting here. But Brittany wasn’t the one who told us. We have many more friends.

Calista: I only wanted to know because Cassie said Brittany was the only person in this group who knew about it. That’s all. I wasn’t trying to make her upset or anything. I’ve grown close with Cassie. I would go check on her but she might hit me. *laughs* Psycho bitch.

Joi: Well, right now I could care less about what Cassie feels. Thank you. But I’m glad you all didn’t tussle! *laughs*

Calista: Well I’m glad we made some progress. Too bad the cheese and crackers didn’t help…

Joi: What a miracle…

Calista and Joi smile as the scene switches over to a venue filled with people; inside the cameras show a runway with seats in the center and on the outside of it

Music plays as some of the ladies begin to enter and take their seats

Riley, Joi, Charlotte

Joi: *to Charlotte* I’m excited!

Charlotte: The collection is to die for!! I can’t wait to see the full show!


Calista: Hello ladies!

Charlotte: Hello snake skin

Charlotte Confessional: I really want to like Calista. Maybe this can be a start. Just being nice to the bitch.

Riley: Hello Calista! I love that dress!

The cameras pan to backstage where Elle is seen scrambling, talking to models and tailors


The cameras venture back out to the women; Blair and Cassie have now joined them

Blair & Cassie

Cassie: Hey girls!

Riley: Cassie, you look beautiful tonight girl!

Calista: Giving us angelic!

Cassie: Thanks girl! I feel like I’ve barely seen you on the trip! It’s been so busy for me! *laughs*

Brittany walks in and sits at the end of the row, one seat removed from the other ladies


Brittany Confessional: I reluctantly came to Elle’s fashion show tonight. I’m fed up with Calista after our mid-day adventure so I’m looking to keep my distance and fly back home.

Cassie is seen talking and Charlotte taps her

Charlotte: It’s starting! Shhh!

Cassie: *rolls eyes at Charlotte* Whew stop yelling babe! People are looking!

Techno music begins to play as the lights get low and the models start walking the runway in fall and winter fashions with lots of pink accents

Calista: Oh I love that look! I’m definitely going to buy that one! *claps*

Cassie: *laughs* Oh that’s so not my style!

Joi: I like those kitten heels she has on

Charlotte: *clapping* Beautiful beautiful beautiful

Brittany and Blair are seen clapping with the other ladies as the show ends and Elle walks on stage with her creative director

Joi: You go girl! Wooooo

Brittany Confessional: My first thought looking at the models…I’m shocked all of them agreed to pink, it doesn’t suit everyone *laughs*

Calista Confessional: You know pink definitely suits Elle’s personality…a little bit bubbly but pretty is smarter than you think.

Elle grabs a mic

Elle: My gosh! Thank you all so so much for such a positive reception! I started working on this line right after I dropped my spring summer line and I just couldn’t have even imagined how big this would become. I was once just a businesswoman with an effervescent life but your love and constant support *tears up* made me the mogul I am today! I really appreciate you all coming out tonight and please *dabs tears* enjoy the food, alcohol and get yourself a Love, Stonewood parka today!

Cassie rolls her eyes as Elle walks off stage and over to the women

Cassie Confessional:

Producer: Why were you so annoyed at Elle’s fashion show?

Cassie: I’m in Paris to have fun with my girls! Enough of the product placement!

Flashback to Cassie’s meeting with her investors hours prior

Cassie: Your investment in the Carlisle Company will certainly be a lucrative investment for years to come!

Elle: So? *giggles*

Charlotte: *hugs Elle* Oh Elle! Everything was wonderful!

Riley: Congrats Elle *smiles*

Joi: Congratulations bombshell!

Brittany: It was nice. I loved the pieces that looked like they’ll be ready for me right off the runway

Elle: Thank you! Thank you all so much for coming out and accepting me into this group, as a thank you I had individual Love, Stonewood parkas made with your initials on them!

The models walk out each wearing a parka designed for the ladies

Calista: Oh wow that’s so sweet!

Brittany: You didn’t have to do this..wow

Charlotte: Riley, these would go well with some jeans

Riley: *laughs* Oh Char, maybe!

Charlotte Confessional: We all know Riley was thinking of 203 ideas to make this parket? Park! Parka Parka! Work with jeans.

Elle: I thought it’d be a sweet gesture since you guys have been so welcoming! *side eyes Blair*

Blair raises an eyebrow

Blair Confessional: Um… *laughs nervously* Okay? I don’t know you and you’re giving me a parka coat fresh from your Thai sweathouse shop? Take a moment, Elle.

Cassie: *grabs the parka* Cute.

Charlotte: Should we toast to a great show?

Joi: And to some great sales!

Elle: *raises glass* To Cassie! For making this wonderful trip happen, and Brittany, for bringing me in and making this whole journey possible!

Blair: *raises glass* To Cassie!

Joi: To Brittany!

Joi Confessional: Cassie doesn’t deserve a cheers. The girl didn’t even have Elle a place to stay.

Charlotte: Cheers!! To a room with beautiful decor! And my parka jacket!

Cassie: *smiles* We love a parka what can I say!

Calista: Cheers to Brittany almost assaulting me earlier! *laughs*

Charlotte: Wait a minute- huh??

Cassie: Oh my Brittany that’s not nice don’t be like Charlotte.

Brittany: I wasn’t going to hit that silicone! She’s being dramatic as usual

Blair: I don’t think she’d lie about something like that. You would though. *looks at Brittany and sips drink*

Brittany: Just like you lie about being a forgiving wife and mother. The accent doesn’t fool anyone, drive by.

Calista: Brittany, you were being dramatic to the point where you had your finger in my face. I was calm.

Cassie: Oh wow — Brittany come on girl…we don’t got to do all that.

Calista: I simply stated that you might’ve had something to due with Cassie’s nudes being spread around the group

Blair: I think she did. If it wasn’t her, then it was someone else in this group.

Brittany Confessional: It’s very clear that the girls are making me a target so I have no choice but to suit up for war.

Charlotte: Are we still talking about this? Oh gosh.

Cassie: Well I was wondering the same thing Brittany so don’t be mad at them. You were the only woman in this group who knew me back then. Did you tell them?

Brittany: I don’t know how the blame got put on to me. I can’t even believe this is a question

Cassie: Because you knew me when I went by that alias just like you have your alias babe. You knew I posed for playboy and all of a sudden dumb and dumber find out?

Charlotte: Cassie, you act as if your vagina wasn’t posted on a PUBLIC forum. Please stop this fake victim bullshit.

Cassie: Charlotte my name was never linked to those photos so shut up. I used an alias and someone told the two of you my alias from back then!

Joi: Brittany did not!

Charlotte Confessional: It doesn’t matter if she went under Elmo from Sesame Street- people were going to find out sooner or later!!

Blair: How come everything that gets brought to the group or leaked about us to the press is stuff only the group knows? Explain that, Brittany.

Brittany: If you believe I leak to the press, then take notice that it’s only the interesting people. Most of the time, people forget you were here. But you’ve arrived since your mental break. Let’s all clap for Blair Hamilton!

Blair: *steps up to Brittany* You know what? You are a disgusting human being. I gave you the benefit of the doubt but no. You’ve went BEHIND MY BACK and talked to people about me. *begins to point* How FUCKING dare you!

Joi: Woah!

Riley: Oh my God, what is going on?

Brittany: First of all, ask Elle for a pink mint. Second, I wouldn’t waste a second of my time talking about you. I don’t know where that lie came from *laughs*

Elle walks over from mingling with other guests


Blair: I’ve had enough of you, Brittany. Let’s be very clear. YOU are the reason for all of this conflict in the group. You!

Blair Confessional: How come when anything is leaked to the press or talked about, it’s only concerning me, Cassie or Calista? Brittany, Joi and Charlotte are always squeaky clean… coincidence? I think not.

Elle: That’s ENOUGH! Take it outside if you’re going to do this mess. NOT MY EVENT. NOT TODAY.

Cassie: Elle don’t come over here with the sanctimonious bullshit you inserted your event into our trip so just DEAL WITH IT!

Elle: Cassie what is your problem with me honestly? You seem to have a thing for me?


Elle: Don’t yell at me I’m not a child, and you are a grown adult, ACT IT.

Calista looks in awe

Calista Confessional: Did I start the drama? *laughs*

Cassie: I’ve had about enough of you — little girl! *talking over Elle* I know who you are and I see you for everything. You won’t use me for press sister!

Elle: Use YOU for press? I might as well call a monkey from the zoo.

Calista: Okay ladies I think that’s enough now. This is not good press

Cassie throws her parka in Elle’s face

Cassie: I don’t want this cheaply made shit!

The ladies watch in shock as the screen goes black

Next time on Baller Wives: The continuation of the Love, Stonewood event ends dramatically as the women leave Paris in discourse. Back in Twitter, Blair gives an update on the status of her book and its upcoming launch. Brittany and Cassie sit down to discuss that state of their friendship. Charlotte questions with all of Blair’s recent outbursts if she wants to be around her. Joi invites some of the ladies to a pottery class where Elle confronts Blair and Calista about talking behind her back.



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