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Andy: There’s not much to say other than, these ladies are legendary. It’s a Watch What Happens Live: Twitter Special with the Legends of Twitter NOW.

The Watch What Happens Live intro music plays and the camera pans to Andy sitting in his chair

Andy: Hey everyone, I’m Andy Cohen here with these eight fabulous ladies, starting next to me we have Tre Spice-Slovain, Jac Carter, Billie Reed, Dr. Devyn King, Brian Social, Luciana Donatella, Grace Whitworth, and Erica Ka’Oir! Hi legends!

Brian: Hiii Andy!!

Grace: Hi Andy! We’re so excited!

Jac: Hi Big Daddy!! Thank you for having us all!

Luci: The clubhouse! It’s gorgeous Andy.

Andy: I’m so excited you’re all here! I want to start be asking, were any of you hesitant to join this series?

Brian: Yes and no. Nervous when I heard the cast list.

Luci: Not really.

Billie: God no. My season of ladies was worse than this!

Devyn: Hesitation? Not really.

Tre: A little bit. I didn’t know who was on the cast but I can handle anything. *laughs*

Grace: I was more nervous for this than Ladies

Jac: I don’t know if hesitant is the right word. I was a little worried about being back on camera but how could you have a legends season without these girls? Well, most of these girls

Andy: *nods* Okay so some of you were and some of you weren’t. Now, was there someone you all expected to be on the series, but wasn’t?

Grace: Tyler! The OG!

Devyn: Tyler! My boo!

Jac: *nods in agreement with the other girls* Ty, of course

Billie: I would say Tyler and Kylee Everett are the two I wanted to see most. They were monumental parts of this franchise!

Brian: Just Tyler. Maybe Kylee, even though she was not full time, she’s still legendary. But no one else.

Tre: All the OGs actually! I was expecting them all to be on the cast. Tyler, Joshuaa, Nina, and Casey should’ve been here. Oh and my sister Paul!

Grace: I like that the OG’s weren’t like taking up all the space though. We all got a chance to shine

Devyn: Oh yes Joshuaa would have been great too. Hard pass to Lylee Everette.

Erica: I definitely thought we would see some Tyler. I didn’t think we would see so many of the s14 cast here *laughs*

Andy: Alright, all legendary cast members I’m hearing! And was there someone who you did not want to film with going into the series? I’m starting off shady, so you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to *laughs*

Devyn: Luci’s ass. *laughs*

Grace: There’s a couple who I’ve heard are nightmares. More than me

Luci: Just Grace. I think they have all told me you are a TERRIBLE friend.

Grace: *rolls eyes at luci* C’mon now

Tre: I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to film with Jac only because we had a little incident after our last reunion but we’re good now. *laughs* Leah D’Avanzo was another but she’s dust as I pay her no mind

Jac: *giggles* I’d say most of my former cast members

Billie: I would not ever film this with Pat Lieson or Joshuaa Lime. I just don’t have pleasant experiences with either of them

Brian: Agree with Billie. Most of us will not film with Patrick.

Grace: I wish we got to see the cast before hand Andy then we could have replaced Luci before it was too late

Luci: Ok Grace. *rolls eyes*

Andy: *laughs* Sorry Grace! Alright it’s time for our first game, and it’s called Who’s Who! I’m going to ask you all questions to try and get a hint of everyone’s role on this show, and you’ll name one of your castmembers that fits the bill! Here we go!

Billie: This will be fun!

Grace: *sips* Oh boy

Andy: Who loved to gossip?

Tre: Grace for sure

Brian: Grace

Grace: Devyn

Billie: Grace!

Devyn: Grace

Erica: Grace, of course.

Jac: I love my big sister but it would have to be Gracie

Luci: Of course ungraceful grace.

Grace: *looks shocked* I do!? Me??? Uh oh. Do I get a crown Andy?

Andy: If you win the most topics, you’ll get an invisible one! Who played the mediator?

Brian: Did we have one?! *laughs*

Devyn: Good question Andy….we just let the good times roll.

Tre: *looks around* Does the camera man count?

Jac: Yeah not one of these girls mediated a damn thing

Grace: Producer Jake for sure mediated

Billie: I would say the wait staff!

Andy: Okay so no mediator…who was the party pooper?

Erica: Brian for sure.

Grace: Luciana

Devyn: Luci. That’s on period.

Jac: Luci pooped all over the party. Big ole diarrhoea face Luci.

Tre: Yeah I would say Luciana as well

Luci: I was the life of the party ladies. Without me, you would have been just sitting eating all the food.

Jac: You may have been the life of the party on the plane ride home but not while we were all together

Devyn: Why couldn’t we all get along like this during the show? *laughs*

Grace: We will see

Andy: Okay…who had the best fashion?

Grace: Tre. Gorgeous.

Erica: Tre!

Devyn: Erica. Hands down

Billie: Erica and Tre!!

Jac: Ohh that’s a tough one. I’d say Devyn because she wore a lot of my pieces

Tre: Erica! My sister knows how to give the people what they want!

Brian: Billie!

Jac: Oh yes Billie has definitely stepped it up since she was on the show. She used to dress like a mother of the bride and now she’s like a bride. Well a bride for the 5th time

Andy: Lots of answers! Who was the messiest?

Tre: Grace! *laughs*

Brian: Grace for sure

Grace: Tre!

Billie: Probably my damn self!

Devyn: Billie. I love you boo.

Luci: The blonde.

Erica: Billie was using those lips this season, so that’s definitely my choice

Tre: Of course Grace would say my name. Have you not seen her on Ladies?

Grace: Of course you would say my name Tre *smiles*

Tre: I’m not saying your name just to say it…even your own friend agrees with me

Grace: What friend?

Tre: Or shall I say ex best friend excuse me…

Jac: Well, I’d say it’s you Andrew with all these questions *laughs*

Andy: You know it! This is a good one, who broke the fourth wall the most?

Billie: Is all of us an answer!! We definitely talked about it all!!

Devyn: I did Andy. Boy did I. Fans will be surprised by our openness.

Jac: We all did. We kind of shatter that wall from the jump

Grace: It was weird being able to talk into the camera

Tre: It was interesting that’s for sure

Grace: We had a lot say

Luci: You sure did.


Andy: I’m sure it was weird, but it’ll be entertaining for all the viewers! Who drank the most?

Devyn: Jac

Grace: I think Luci which saddens me. Billie kept drinking in her room too.

Luci: I had about two drinks a night. Morning cocktails do not count

Jac: She means she had she two drinks in her hand at all times

Brian: Girl, you had too many cocktails and I had to be called to replace you.

Tre: *starts laughing* Billie & Devyn but we had a good time

Billie: I was drunk and high the entire time! I think I was chill for the most part

Grace: You were definitely mellow

Erica: One thing about it, Billie and I kept a rotation going everyday *laughs*

Andy: Last one, who was in the most drama?

Grace: I think we all had our moments, from the get go!

Jac: I’d say Jacqueline Carter

Luci: Jac and Grace. Those blondes stick together. Can’t handle anything. Messy messy!

Devyn: Not I. *laughs* Jac was in a lot.

Tre: It wasn’t me for once! I passed the crown to Jacqueline and Grace

Billie: I would say Jac!! She stayed finding herself in hot waters

Jac: It’s what you hired me to do daddy. Hehe

Erica: The blondes were acting out, Andy. The girls were trying to secure a S15 spot!

Tre: Not the blondes…

Grace: I don’t act Erica babe

Jac: Girl you just got here. Shoo away

Andy: Thanks for playing everyone! I heard someone bring up the name Paulo…who is he?

Brian: a sex god from heaven Andy

Andy bursts out laughing

Devyn: Our chaperone Andy.

Billie: Oh Paulo!! He was our butler!

Jac: He was a butler to most and a lover to a few.

Billie: But he was more than that for someone sitting here *laughs*

Tre: I’m married Andy! I can’t talk about another man cause my husband might be watching.

Andy: Butler, chaperone, sex god…what an interesting character that we’ll get to meet! So Tre, you’ve been on many shows in the RP community, was this one of your favorites to film?

Tre: Oh yes it was! I had fun with it and I think you’re going to see a different side of me that you haven’t seen before! I still had to set a bitch straight here and there, but The Good Sis was pleasant! *laughs*

Andy: Great! Grace and Erica you two are fairly newer additions to Ladies of Twitter, so were you surprised to get the call for Legends?

Grace: I was, but I was happy to take part. I think I’ve helped make the last couple seasons entertaining

Erica: I actually was, I wasn’t expecting to get a call after my first season. I was really expecting it to be an ALL OG show, so when I got the call you’ll see on the first season I was shocked but thanks for it Andy *winks*

Devyn: You deserved it.

Jac: *whispers to self* Lord knows why she got the call to begin with

Andy: We’re glad you both came on! Billie, what can you tell us about some of the activites you ladies did, and which one did you have the most fun doing?

Billie: Oh god Andy we did so much in such little time. I will say visiting Ibiza, shit gets crazy for me. I may or may not break a glass *laughs* but I also think our northern lights dinner was a lovely time.

Andy: What was everyone else’s favorite part of the trip to Europe that you all went on?

Grace: Ibiza! The sea there is beautiful

Devyn: Ibiza was fantastic.

Jac: St. Tropez was a blast. We also cut the dead weight of the cast after that part of the trip

Luci: Dead weight?? Wow

Jac: Yeah, you.

Luci: Wow. Fat jokes.

Jac: Oh girl bye *rolls eyes* no one called you fat. I called you dead

Grace: Some people can’t take the heat

Tre: Like yourself? *laughs*

Andy: I’m sensing tension…so it’s time for another game! You’re all going to have these cards *passes cards* one side says Legendary and the other side says Basic. I’m going to give you scenarios and you tell me if it’s legendary or basic! Are you ready?

Billie: Let’s do it Andy!! I’m ready

Jac: These cards are pretty. I love glitter

Andy: A wine toss. Legendary or Basic?

Billie: Basic!! It’s over done

Devyn: Basic.

Jac: *holds up basic* Been there. Done that. My mother always told me you never waste alcohol

Grace: Legendary. Only because I haven’t done it yet!

Tre: Grace you’ve never been wet before? I’m sure you’ve been on the receiving end

Grace: I’m very lubricated thank you

Andy: How about making a grand entrance. Legendary or Basic?

Devyn: Legendary. Although some try too hard.

Grace: Legendary! It’s all about making an entrance

Erica: *holds up Legendary* I love a good entrance

Luci: Basic!

Tre: We love a good Legendary moment!

Andy: Wearing all designer clothes. Legendary or Basic?

Devyn: Basic. Who cares.

Grace: Basic! Have some personality

Tre: I think it’s tacky

Jac: Basic! Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes

Billie: Basic for sure!!

Andy: Starting a damaging rumor. Legendary or Basic?

Luci: Just sad. So basic.

Grace: Basic *winces*

Tre: Legendary because thou shall come for me unless I send for you

Jac: What’s considered damaging? Like someone being a pornstar? That’s legendary

Erica: Legendary! Some girls need a quick smack in the face Andy.

Andy: Showing marital or family problems on television. Legendary or Basic?

Grace: Legendary be real!

Billie: Legendary if it’s interesting! *laughs* My shit was legendary.

Jac: Legendary! That’s what we’re hired to do.

Tre: Oooooh Andy you is shady boots! I think it’s legendary. *laughs*

Devyn: Legendary and gutsy.

Andy: Meeting with a spouse of another cast mate. Legendary or Basic? *looks at Tre and laughs*

Erica quickly holds up basic and looks away

Jac: Ohhh legendary. I dare you to meet up with my husband

Tre: I say it’s legendary! Didn’t your marriage planner do that to you Jac?

Jac: Oh Dominique? Yeah she did. She ended up getting a palm in the face

Billie: That’s fucking iconic to me!! I can’t even begin to believe the gag that would have on me.

Grace: Basic! Who does that? Weird, but do it and see what happens

Andy: Fighting in a motorized vehicle. Legendary or Basic?

Devyn: Basic.

Grace: Legendary as long as you’re not driving it!

Luci: Could be legendary.

Jac: Not a motorized vehicle. That’s not enough room to read a bitch *holds up basic*

Tre: Basic because that’s a safety hazard

Billie: I agree with Tre. Fighting in a moving vehicle could put us all in danger. Now if the fights worth it. I might risk my life

Erica: Legendary to me, I love a good tussle.

Andy: Bringing a prop to a reunion. Legendary or Basic?

Grace: Legendary!

Brian: Legendary

Billie: Legendary without a doubt! I love to see a bitch spiral over a prop!!

Jac: Depends on the prop. My girl grace needs a fan because she’s going through the change but besides that *holds up basic* Oh wait, I’ve brought props to the reunion

Tre: Legendary! I actually brought one with me today in-case someone got out of line but they said I couldn’t bring it while we were out here.

Andy: That’s the game! Thanks for playing! I have a few more questions… Brian and Jac it’s been four seasons since we’ve seen you on our screens, what made you say yes to doing this show?

Brian: I wouldn’t have done it without Jac. She is my little Cindy Lu’s god momma. I’ve been doing RP shows for a while so it was like riding a bike for me. I was actually filming Real Housewives of Twitter All Stars when I got the call asking if I could fill in.

Jac: Yes it has been quite some time. Well i said yes because I am a legend. A lot of these girls wouldn’t be sitting here if it weren’t for me reviving the show in season 3, so I had to come back. It was out of obligation to a franchise that I carried for so long. I’m glad I did it though

Grace: Someone knock her off her high horse *laughs*

Andy: We’re glad you both accepted! Devyn, I would call you the doctor of shade, did anyone give you a run for your money on this show, or did you keep the crown?

Devyn: Tre is shady as hell, but a run for my money. Nah. *laughs*

Andy: *laughs* Luci, it’s been hinted at tonight that you depart from the show earlier than the others, what can you tell us about that?

Luci: I’ll not reveal what happened and let the viewers see for themselves. Something major happens with me and a child on set. What I will say, is I had enough. I had to leave.

Tre: Not a child. *laughs*

Jac: What she should tell you is that she’s grateful she didn’t end up in a French jail

Billie: It was upsetting to say the least. We all wanted you to stay Luci!!

Luci: Billie was the only friend I had there.

Jac: Lies. We we’re thrilled you left

Andy: Oh okay…for all of you, what makes this series different from any other roleplay show we’ve seen?

Devyn: The honesty Andy. We were all honest. That’s rare.

Erica: I have to agree with Devyn here. We were all really honest filming this season and I feel like it was really organic between all of us from the start. We meshed really well.

Billie: I think this series really allowed us to let our walls down and show our authentic selves!!

Brian: Production actually put money into this series.

Tre: I think we really went there this season. Everything was unfiltered!

Grace: I truly think this season and this cast has gone beyond expectations, we all showed up and showed out! The fourth wall was gone, and I think it just helped to show more of what it takes to do a show like this.

Jac: *nods* I think it was a very transparent experiment that showed the relationships of some of the biggest stars in the RP community. Despite the ups and downs, it was still a tremendous experience.

Grace: It’s a first for the RP community too and that in itself is a huge achievement and undertaking

Andy: *smiles* Well with all the drama that these ladies have gone through we’re about to get into some more of it, with a classic game here at WWHL. It’s time to PLEAD. THE. FIFTH.

Andy: You all know how the game works. I’ll ask very shady questions, if you want to answer, answer, or if you want to plead the fifth you may. But we strongly encourage you to answer! *chuckles*

The legends clap and sip their drinks

Andy: Did you watch the seasons of Ladies of Twitter that you weren’t on?

Grace: Yes!

Luci: yes!

Brian: Never.

Tre: I did a little bit!

Billie: No I did not!!

Devyn: Yes I did.

Jac: No! Towards the end of my time on the show, I was only watching my scenes if I ever watched at all

Brian: Fun fact, Jac and I would do watch parties and just skip to our scenes.

Jac: *laughs with Brian* So true.

Andy: *laughs* Next, who had you heard the worst rumors about before going on the show?

Brian: Grace

Jac: Oh Tre. Hands down

Luci: Jac

Devyn: Tre. But Tre is cool.

Billie: I heard shit about Grace! So I was hesitant to be around her.

Erica: Definitely Jac.

Grace: I heard Billie was hard to work with.

Tre: Oh course! *laughs* I actually blocked out all the negative things I heard about all the ladies whether they want to believe it or not.

Jac: Just because we heard them, doesn’t mean they were spread on the show

Andy: At any point, did you want to stop filming?

Luci: Well yes!

Devyn: No. This season was really good.

Billie: No I was fully committed to this!!

Tre: Absolutely not! I really had a lovely time!

Grace: Yeah when the camera guy came in and caught me naked in the shower *claps*

Devyn: Was it the camera guy or Paulo, Grace?

Grace: Jake and his camera man got a good glimpse

Brian: I wish I was there for the full season

Jac: Not really. Even dealing with Luci, I even wanted to stay but that’s the difference between 7 professionals and 1 amateur.

Luci: God. Jac.

Andy: Who put on the most for the cameras, and tried to have a moment?

Grace: Luci thought we were on season 14 still

Luci: You all hate on me, but I’d come back for season 2.

Devyn: I think Jac really tried to remind us why she was a legend.

Jac: I’d say Erica. She kind of faded into the background so by the end of the trip she was desperately trying to be relevant.

Billie: I would say Jacqueline Carter acted OUT for these cameras. She made up for lost time

Grace: Devyn was annoying and tried to tell people who were legends and who weren’t. Weird

Devyn: Was I wrong? Nope.

Andy: That leads me to my next and final question…who here is not a Legend?

Billie: Andy you shady motherfucker!!

Tre: Oh Andy let’s not go there. *laughs*

Grace: Everyone here is, or we wouldn’t have been cast Andy!

Luci: I think we’re all legends

Jac: I’m sorry to say this well actually not really but it would have to be Erica. She’s too fresh to be a legend.

Devyn: Grace wasn’t legend material. Sorry not sorry.

Grace: Neither is Devyn, but hey ho.

Devyn: Luci was a part time legend as the season will show.

Tre: I would say Grace or Luci only because what happened during filming.

Brian: Erica. Is she a legend? No. But she will be one with two more seasons under her belt.

Billie: I would have to say Grace probably more than anyone. Hell she even said herself she was Tyler’s replacement!

Jac: *claps* Hey Hey! That’s enough. This is a fun game and Andy is asking the questions. We all agree it’s Erica.

Erica: *sits and laughs* I think the girls are just a little threatened that I’m on the same platform as them after one season. They had to be on 10 years + to even be considered. Sorry, My stardom shined bright after one season.

Andy: Alright, alright! I don’t think anyone pled the fifth which is great!

Billie: We all spoke our truth tonight!!

Andy: I want to thank all of you for coming on, and dishing on this new series. That’s our show! Don’t forget to catch the premiere of Legends of Twitter on Thursday and make sure to tune in to WWHL: Twitt on Wednesday with Jocelyn Robinson & Caitlyn Rose! Goodnight!

The ladies thank Andy and wave at the audience as the camera zooms out of the studio



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