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Andy: She’s still hustling even on vacation, and she’s trying to get these Ladies in formation. It’s Watch What Happens Live: Twitter with Calista Banks and Teairra K-Blanco NOW!

The Watch What Happens Live intro music plays and the camera pans to Andy sitting in his chair

Andy: Hey everyone! I’m Andy Cohen, welcome back to the clubhouse!

The audience claps

Andy: My first guest tonight is an absolute Baller not onlyworking with the NBA but now in the NFL, it’s Calista Banks from Baller Wives! How are you Calista!

Calista: I’m doing well Andy! Thanks for having me again!

Andy: My next guest is the newest on the block but that did not stop her from ruffling some feathers. Making her clubhouse debut, it’s Teairra K-Blanco from Ladies of Twitter! Welcome Teairra!

Calista claps

Teairra: Thank you! pleasure to be sitting here for the first time. *smiles*

Andy: Drinking game alert! My guests won’t know it but anytime you hear anyone say this word…

Andy: …if you’re 21 or over, drink until you’re fighting with a pregnant lady in Martha’s Vineyard. Alright, Teairra how has watching back this season and experiencing all the feedback been so far?

Teairra: It’s been amazing so far im actually enjoying every episode, I feel like there’s a couple birds chirping here and there but the love is definitely there for me!

Calista: I feel you’ve handled yourself quite well honestly. The streets of Twitter talk and I heard you had to get some journalists together…

Teairra: *laughs* Girl! dont get me started a sad excuse for a journalist, I need some receipts shes actually a certified one..she’s just a fan until further notice itching for a moment

Andy: Well I personally have been loving you on the season! Teairra, Nicolas from Anchorage asks, how did everything between you and Erica escalate so quickly in Martha’s Vineyard

Teairra: Well thank you Andy! and I wish I knew myself! It all happened so fast *laughs* I don’t think I even provoked her she was already on edge when she sat down and was just waiting on somebody to attack. Our “friendship” has always been rocky so it was bound to happen.

Calista: I understand rocky friendships so I hope you two will be able to make amends. You can’t stress out a pregnant lady. *laughs*

Andy: Calista, Thomas from El Paso asks, were you surprised to see how Cassie didn’t trust that Brittany had no knowledge of the nude pictures gossip?

Calista: Oooh that’s a good question. Looking back, I believe there was some underlying and unsaid tension between them this season so I would say yes and no.

Andy: Teairra, Kayla from Glendale wants to know, what was your reaction watching Leila’s hot mic moment after the Election Party?

Teairra: I immediately felt like she was just being weird, because I was SO nice to her and for her to immediately leave my house to talk like that about me and spreading LIES at that is disgusting. I also felt a way about Devyn indulging in that conversation, but they can be weird together thats on them *laughs*

Andy: *nods* Calista, Lorena from Milwaukee says, isn’t Riley to blame for the mess at your dinner cruise between Joi, Charlotte, and Cassie?

Calista: Well no I don’t think Riley is to blame on the cruise because you can’t control other women’s behavior. It was going to blow up anyway because we’re talking about Cassie, Joi, and Charlotte for goodness sake!

Teairra: *nods* Definitely true on the can’t control other women’s behavior I’ve learned the hard way *laughs*

Andy: Alright so much has happened on the last few episodes of Ladies of Twitter, so we have to do a quick LoT Breakdown! Are you ready Teairra?

Teairra: I’m ready! *sits up in chair*

Andy: Thoughts on the speculation surrounding Harlow’s divorce?

Teairra: Well, Harlow is a good friend of mine! Abd honestly I did feel like the divorce story was iffy at first, but when she explained to me more in depth I definitely believe her more than her husband. *shrugs* There were just a lot of different stories floating around the blogs I didn’t know which one to believe.

Andy: Thoughts on Luciana’s search for her parents?

Calista: This is going to sound awful so forgive me but her parents are still alive?

Teairra: *makes a face* Now Andy... *laughs* yes her hunting for her parents at 80 is touching and what not but I still believe it’s a little too late for that, if you know what I mean.

Calista: Okay well now I don’t feel bad!

Andy: Thoughts on Grace’s journey of accountability? With her book and everything

Teairra: Hm, Grace actually seems to be growing as of lately we aren’t on bad terms I still haven’t read her book but I think it may be helping her! at least she’s trying to get it together before its too late.

Calista: I think Grace & Charlotte should be in a club together. They’re both doing the same thing. Trying to become accomplished women later in life. No disrespect.

Andy: Thoughts on Luci telling Devyn and Erica different reasons for the girls trip?

Teairra: Luci definitely was messy for doing that, no doubt about it! I’m not sure what she expected the outcome to be but it definitely didn’t go the right way as you can see *laughs*

Andy: Thoughts on Devyn and Erica flying down to Martha’s Vineyard in silence? *chuckles*

Teairra: *laughs* I literally couldn’t believe they were on the same jet, I thought it was a joke when I heard it…I was shocked to find out it landed safely considering the beef they had.

Andy: Thoughts on Grace calling your man a “mystery”?

Teairra: It definitely made me look at her sideways because it was so out of the blue, but she blurts out alot of things randomly it was just another thing for her, maybe she was just drunk…again. No shade!

Andy: Thoughts on Devyn asking Luci and Leila to be in her wedding?

Teairra: Yikes! I feel like Devyn was just finding anybody who was willing to go to her wedding at that point because her and her actual friends were on bad terms. *shrugs* Because really? Seemed really forced.

Andy: Okay, we’ll be right back after this commercial break!

Voiceover: The Baller Wives are not holding back…

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Andy: And we’re back with Calista and Teairra! Let’s head over to our virtual audience where Miranda from Las Vegas has a question for Calista, hey Miranda!

Miranda: Hey everyone! Calista and Teairra you both look stunning

Calista: Thank you hun!

Teairra: Heey! Thank you love

Miranda: Calista, after all the back and forth with Joi and Charlotte so far this season, do you see a path to friendship in the future and where’s your relationship with them now?

Calista: I think I can be cordial with Charlotte but I do think there’s so hope with myself and Joi. My relationship with Joi right now is fine believe it or not. As for Charlotte, I don’t really know because she’s not really a stable person. One minute she’s normal and the next minute she’s a lunatic. *laughs*

Andy: Now Latoya from Anaheim has a question for Teairra! Hey Latoya!

Latoya: Hi Andy! Hey Teairra girl

Teairra: Hey Latoya!

Latoya: Who do you believe in the Erica vs Devyn feud and what did you think of former Lady, Amal, getting involved?

Teairra: Well… *laughs* I still don’t know who to believe! I want to say erica honestly because she didn’t backtrack on anything, Amal coming and doing what she did just made herself look dumb because half of what she said was already debunked by Devyn herself, she just wanted a moment.

Calista: Sounds like Elle Stonewood

Andy: Thanks virtual audience! Teairra was already in the hot seat, but now it’s time to put Calista in it with a game of Stuck in the Middle with Who! Calista, I’ll ask you questions and your answer has to be either of your two good friends, Cassie or Blair! Got it?

Calista: Oh my goodness Andy! *laughs* I’m ready!

Teairra: Oop! This should be interesting *laughs*

Andy: Who has better style?

Calista: You know they both do to be honest. They sometimes have looks that are a miss but overall they have good style.

Andy: Who do you hang out with more?

Calista: Well Blair because we’re apart of the PTA at the school with our children so we see each other all the time basically

Andy: Who gives you better advice?

Calista: Oh my goodness Andy. Okay so they both give great advice…it depends who I listen to. *laughs* If I want to take the high road, I’ll listen to Blair. I want to lay into someone, I’ll listen to Cassie.

Andy: *laughs* Who do you go out on more double dates with?

Calista: Hmmm. Probably Blair because you know we went out on a double date on the show and we’ve also done dates outside of filming too.

Andy: Who is most likely to turn up more?

Calista: Cassie for sure. *laughs*

Andy: Who would you go on a getaway with?

Calista: Cassie because she doesn’t have any kids right now and she would truly make me have a good time!

Andy: Who holds you accountable more?

Calista: I personally don’t think I need to be held accountable but I would say Blair. She tells me if I overstep from time to time

Andy: Last one…who do you trust more?

Calista: Andy…*sips drink*

Andy smirks

Calista: I trust both but for different reasons.

Andy: Thanks for playing! Back to some viewer questions…Teairra, Levi from Chicago asks, can you clear up the situation between your husband and his patient?

Teairra: Well my husband Donte is a cardiac surgeon as most know and he was simply doing his job performing open heart surgery on a patient back in California and the patient ended up passing away in the hands of him, and it all spiraled out of control from then, simply from the population thinking it was foul play involved.

Andy: So it was ruled that there was no foul play involved, or is that still under investigation?

Teairra: Well as of right now! The family of the said victim informed our lawyers that they’re backing off of him so it’s looking in the right direction of it being ruled out, so I’m excited for that to be finally over with.

Andy: Got it, got it…Calista, Sally from Oakland wants to know, what is your issue with Elle and did you not want her to come on the Paris trip?

Calista: Hi Sally from Oakland! So I’m actually going to direct that question to the person that knew about Elle’s status on the show. *laughs and looks at Andy* Sally asked you a question Andy…

Andy: *laughs* Well, Elle became an official cast member on the show when Brittany started bringing her around in the early episodes, so we did want you girls to invite her to Paris. But the question was what your issue is with her overall

Calista: I assumed she was a guest but to answer your question Miss Sally, I really didn’t have an issue with Elle in the beginning. I thought she was a bit mouthy but as time went on, I soon realized she was a liar and an attention seeker. Clearly she needed more light since the spotlight wasn’t on her during Reality of Roleplay.

Andy: Joanne from Los Angeles wants to know, has you son Justin opened up more to your relationship with Terrell and how did your exhusband react to the engagement?

Calista: You’ll get to see more Justin as the show continues to air but I believe he ultimately wants to see his mother happy and is taking baby steps. I’m not in a normal situation and I understand that. And my ex-husband was super pissed. He did not like that at all! He actually tried to use that against me during the divorce! *laughs*

Andy: Oh dear…Teairra, Rose from Baltimore wants to know, what can you tell us about the rest of the season with the mid season trailer coming out earlier this week?

Calista: The second half of the season looks amazing! You ladies are killing it!

Teairra: I can say, I definitely got into it with a couple other ladies *sips drink* It gets more spicy than you may think! This is only the beginning of the drama *laughs* Everybody is like a firecracker!

Andy: Can’t wait! And that’s our show! Tune into Baller Wives every Tuesday and Ladies of Twitter on Mondays and Fridays! The word of the night was Erica for the second show in a row and we said 5 times! Goodnight!



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